On our first trip to CTI ! We have been reading all the threads about the Island and we were a little nervous about heading out. We watched today as the boat was bringing everyone out and finally just went. We did as suggested and went to the right of island, grabbed our chairs, and laid there. After hearing everyone at the pool area having such a good time, we ventured over there. Well, we were glad we did. Everyone is so relaxed, and fun it made our day. We took the advice of go early in your trip, and glad we did. We dont plan on using the clothed beach, and plan on being on the Island everyday. Also, people on the island dont care what you look like, dont stare at you in any sexual way, and just have a fantastic time. So, future CTI vacationers, take all the advice on this board, Im glad we did !
Just as we are typing, room service just brought in our champagne ! ( part of our Honeymoon deal). FANTASTIC