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    Default CTI Hot tubs... Let's have some respect please


    We are little disappointed and embarrassed to find naked people in the spa hot tubs and budda pool.

    By no means are we party crashers but at 08:30 in the evening this is somewhat disrespectful to both the resort policies and the guests who find AN uncomfortable.

    Representatives of the resort have previously posted on this subject:

    I have no intention of coming to the island and forcing my clothed body on you guys, so please can we calm it down a touch a respect each others comfort zones (and resort policies)

    Thanks in advance

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    I think Kipper is not asking too much. When we were there the resort seemed to die out about 10:30 at night. That is when we got in the Budda pool AN and a hot tub and never even saw other people. Wait until late at night after everyone goes to bed and you should be fine. Seems like a win win for everybody!

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for your reply, I will keep the later times as an option, Do you go on the ANisland your self?

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    We did go to the AN island every day we were there. We got into the budda pool about 3 times but late at night so as not to offend people with our lack of swimwear.......

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