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Thread: Beer in jamaica

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    Default Beer in jamaica

    We will be traveling to Swept Away in spring of 2011. My fiance is curious if they have other options besides Red Stripe for beer?

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    There are other beers, but there's nothing like cold Red Stripe in the warm Jamaican sun!

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    do a search for beer...there are a couple threads already with tons of recent info about the beer available at the resorts

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    Actually Red Stripe has just came out with a "RED STRIPE LIGHT" It is awesome!

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    Default Beer!

    My husband and I have been to both Tower Isle and Couples Negril and we have been able to get Miller light at every bar all day. In the piano bar they have also had Heinekin and Guiness bottles as well as red stripe. Cold Red Stripe is very good in the heat of Jamaica.

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    We just got back from CSA and they had Carib in the minibars (going through withdrawal right now) and Miller Light and Guiness at the other bars.

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    Red Sripe lite is not new and I do agree that it is awesome.As I always say,when in Rome......

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    RedStripe light is fairly new as far as an export to the U.S. they even changed the bottle to the classic stubby and began a new ad campaign for it...I think that's what the earlier poster was referring to..
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    Red Stripe light may be new to be exported but it has been in Ja for years.The last time we were at CSA it was on tap in 08 I believe and in previous trips, I remember getting it in the longnecks at Rick's. But you are right about it now being available in the stubby bottles now. I can get it up here in Mn.I'm just saying...

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