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    Default What time is checkout at CSA?

    Do you have to leave the rooms at a certain time? What if you have a late flight at 6:15pm? What time will they start taking you to the airport? We didn't get there yet, and already I don't want to leave.

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    If your flight is at 6:15p then you will leave the resort no later than 2:15pm. They don't have a hard and fast check-out time, so if they need your room, then they will make sure you have a place to change and store your luggage. Be thankful for your late flight - most of us have to leave the resort on our last day by 8am! You will have an extra day to enjoy the beach!
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    From FAQ
    What are the check-in and check-out time for Couples Resorts?

    Check in 4 pm.

    Check out 12 pm (noon).

    You maybe able to get into your room earlier if your room is ready. Have your swimwear and cover-ups easily accessible. This way if you want you can change in the bathroom or if available, hospitality room and go to the beach and/or pool.

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    Thanks for the info. 2:15pm. That's great. You are right, almost another whole day to enjoy. I just hope Jamaica Air doesn't cancel the flight. That was the only airline I could get a late flight on. Getting there, we won't fly in until about 2pm. That was the earliest flight I could find on Jet Blue. Thanks again.

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    We had to check out by noon when we visited CSA in July 2008 but weren't scheduled to depart from the resort until 3 pm. We left our luggage with the front desk and used lockers in the locker rooms at the fitness center to store a change of clothes and everything that we needed to get ready for our departure. It worked well.
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