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    Default walking from CN to 7 mile?

    Just wondering if it is possible to cut across, behind Hedonism and Grand Lido, to get to 7 mile beach on foot or if you have to take a taxi.

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    If you are at CN, you are already on Seven Mile Beach. Seven Mile Beach is comprised of Long Bay, which is approximately five miles in length and is the bay upon which CSA is situated, and Bloody Bay, which is approximately two miles in length and is the bay upon which CN is located.
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    We walked a short distance on the road to cut behind GL (which is now Breezes, btw) and then through another resort property to the beach. a

    Actually we walked from CSA toward CN so the resort didn't seem to mind us cutting through to get to the street. I'm not sure how it would go the other way but all beaches are supposed to have access for the public and others have posted on making the reverse trip (the direction you mentioned) so it must be possible.

    Here's a marked up pic I posted awhile back.
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    A pretty big gap between the properties, there..don't forget there is also Point Village resort beyond Grand Lido
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    There are a number of options. Note that the "point", which separates Bloody Bay from the long part of the 7-mile, is entirely owned or managed by Breezes (formerly Grand Lido), Point Village, and Hedo, and appropriately fenced. There is no "cut across" path.

    1. Take a taxi from Couples to an area with public access to the beach. It will take you 5 minutes and cost $5 (negotiate ahead).

    2. Hire one of the fisherman or jet ski guys to take you around the point and drop you off in front of Sandals on the public beach. Or you can have him take you on a tour of the whole strip, then drop you off anywhere along there so you can walk back. That's a nice option if you want to see more of the beach, but not double your mileage.

    3. Walk from Couples towards town (on the road) until you see public access to the beach. It will be past Sandals, which has a long stretch of beach. You might go into Sandals and ask them nicely if you can cut through. Maybe they say yes.

    4. Walk on the road from Couples toward town. In about 100 yards, turn down the shared driveway that goes to Hedo and Breezes. Walk into the lobby of Hedo. Tell security at Hedo that you are staying at Breezes, and you want to cut through to walk on the 7-mile. Hedo and Breezes have an agreement, so the security guard will give you directions on how to get to go through Hedo appropriately to get to the beach.

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    nope can not walk there unless you walk on the main road, resorts do not allow you to cut thru them.

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    It's a LONG walk and it probably includes some rough terrain behind Hedonism. IMO you should take a cab to Margaritaville and then walk the beach. You could also take the shuttle, visit CSA, and walk the beach while taking advantage of the Trading Places program.

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    I would say no. The beach appears to turn into rocks at the next door resort. From what I've seen, it's impassable by foot on the beach. That seemed to be the case as well when we viewed it from the catamaran. However, if someone has actually done it . . . .

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    It's a bit of a hike..

    You ought to go for a day visit to Swept Away and you can walk the beach, not to mention a ride over there..

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    You have to pass Hedo and walk down to a turn off that will take you to the beach. There is a jet ski rental there. We cut through the jet ski rental and buy a Red Stripe for the walk down the beach. Its not too far. We walk it at least once every trip.

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    Default much time do you allocate for this "foot" excursion? Sounds like you've been a time or two, so you think us '1st timers' would be better going this route or going to Margaritaville via cab? On the same note, since I assume vendors are prevalent, where do you buy conch shells? D&T

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    You walk there from CN, how do you cut through Breezes property the beach at Bloody Bay ends at Breezes, you would have to walk thru their property and Hedonism's property to accomplish this?

    Or swim around the peninsula!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by lbkturner View Post
    You have to pass Hedo and walk down to a turn off that will take you to the beach. There is a jet ski rental there. We cut through the jet ski rental and buy a Red Stripe for the walk down the beach. Its not too far. We walk it at least once every trip.

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    Could you maybe take the free shuttle to Margaritaville and walk the beach and take a taxi back or do you have to stay at Margaritaville?

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    To some it might be a long walk. But we don't mind it. If you like to walk, it is not that bad. It takes us about 2 - 3hrs to go from CN to CSA, sometimes a little further depending on our mood, and back. We don't rush. We buy patties and beer along the way. It is a lot fun to see the different resorts and the public beaches. Makes you really appreciate getting back "home" and taking a nap on the beach.

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    So, Ibkturner, You take the road until you get past Hedonism, then cut down to the beach?

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    Its a 5 minute very inexpensive cab ride from CN to the beginning of 7 mile beach, you could take the shuttle on trading places but let them know ahead of time that you will be doing that. I do not know of any way to walk there with out using the road. Maybe Ibkturner knows a way that none of the rest of us know.

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    Vybz explains it very thoroughly in his post earlier in this thread those are really your only options.

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    Binnie ~ The Margaritaville shuttle goes at night, not during the day. Sign up for Romance Rewards and take the day pass over to CSA and then walk the beach from there.
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