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    Default Favorite things at Couples

    What is your favorite thing about Couples?

    1. Food

    2. Drink

    3. Anything

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    All of the above

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    My favourite thing is the way my shoulders drop as soon as we get off the shuttle!

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    My favorite thing is being there with my DH....Couples is true romance....57 days to go!!!

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    All the above...that is why we are going back.

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    Well, mostly the answer is 3. I also love the anticipation of the trip. I also REALLY love being on the AN beach at CN soaking up the sun with a cold drink in one hand and my hubby's hand in my other hand...

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    Being there..

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    By far our favourite thing about Couples is that we feel like family while we are there. The staff at Couples are absolutely amazing! There is just no way to explain the warmth and hospitality of everyone who you encounter there. Once you go,you know!

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    Default Everything is my favorite thing at Couples Negril!!

    I need not say more!!

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    Food...all of it
    Anything...NO KIDS, no tipping, wonderful staff, JAMAICA!

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    the VIBE which is conducive to LOVE...
    Couples to us is about the romance,
    lots of resorts have great food, great staff, great drinks, more glitz, but I cant believe any other resort chain's vibe is as conducive to LOVE.
    Once you go, you know....never a truer slogan than at couples.

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    My favorite thing at Couples was the time with my wife.

    The role that Couples plays is simple. They create a stress free, no worries atmosphere where we can enjoy being a couple.

    The food, the drink, the activities, the safe in the room (where my bill-fold vacationed) were all part of the atmosphere.

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