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    Default Wedding guest stay at CSA visit CN for wedding

    I'm getting married 6/2011 at CN and will be having a few guests.Initially I was thinking that they would only be staying for 3 days so it made sense to have them stay at CN, but now some of my guests are going to be making a vaction out of the trip and will be staying longer. We wern't exactly planing on having visitors for our entire wedding/honeymoon. Would it be possible to have them stay at CSA and just walk or take a cab over to CN on the day of the wedding?
    Do they have to buy a day pass, or will they be able to visit without a hassel? I'm pretty open to other ideas as well.
    I know about the trading places option, but there are a lot of restrictions and it could be hard to coordinate with all of the guests. In addition, the shuttle leaves at 9:45 and our wedding is at 10am, so this won't really work anyway.

    Thanks for any advice!! I know it sounds petty, but I would really hate to run into my parents au naturel!!!

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    Your guests not staying at the same hotel as you will have to pay for a wedding ceromony pass which is $50. per person. They will also have to pay for transportation back and forth.
    Whey don't they stay at the hotel you are staying at and then check out the next day. Couples will provide transportation to the other Couples resort they will be staying at

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    Petty is not the word that I would use; I'll be kind and simply call such a suggestion ill-mannered. You ask people to spend thousands of dollars for the pleasure of attending your wedding and then, at its conclusion, tell them that they're no longer welcome and are intruding upon your honeymoon.

    Rather than asking your guests to leave, why don't you do so? Marry at one resort and celebrate with your guests, then transfer to another Couples resort and spend your honeymoon alone with your husband. You avoid insulting your guests and still get to spend you honeymoon alone without having to encounter those who have traveled so far just for you.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    I agree - have them stay at the same hotel for 3 or 4 days, and then after the wedding, switch to CSA. I'm finding a lot of people that go split their time between both resorts

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    Ouch, that was a bit harsh Pamela!... but I sort of/kind of agree. Don't you want to spend more than just the ceremony with them?
    Lots of couples don't want to spend their honeymoon with their guests but like to spend at least some time before the wedding with them. I was on a wedding forum and what people commonly did was switch resorts.
    What we did was have all our guests with us (at CSA) for a week. We got married mid-week. Then they left and we stayed another week. If anyone had wanted to stay another week we would have decided what to do based on who it was. lol. Most of our guests also wanted their own alone/couple time, so it's really not a problem. Now, had it been my parents in-law, we would have switched resorts. lol.
    Honestly, it was great having our guests with us for a week and we were kinda sad to see them go so soon, as the week went so fast.... but then we did have more time to ourselves week two... and we finally started meeting other couples at the resort too.
    If you don't want to see your guests naked, maybe think about CSA and switch to CN? Just an idea.

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    I agree with Pamela, you are asking them to spend all this money and then are telling them to get out. I would get married at CN and then switch to CSA or vice verus. You should be the ones to transfer to another resort, not your guests.

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    Pamela - you are the queen of great advice!! When we get married, we get so caught up in the day being about the bride, that sometimes we miss the obvious choice. We have run into many newlyweds at Couples who got married at one resort, then transferred to another resort for "alone time." Easy and simple and respectful for everyone.

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