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    Default Room number question - Randy??

    I know this is going to seem a bit crazy, husband and I honeymooned at CTI in October 1985. We are coming back next month and doing a vow renewal on our 25th Anniversary. I know that room requests are not guaranteed, but I would LOVE to have something as close to possible as our original room - taking into account the remodel, of course. I have compared our 1985 pictures with the current ones and have circled the room we stayed in in this picture. Any idea what room number it might be now? It was 324 in 1985. Thanks!!!
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    I am pretty sure my husband and I stayed to the left of where you have circled when we were there in Nov. The room was 3320 and it was a Premier Ocean Room. The one that you have circles looks like a suite? It is probably 3322?

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    We were just to the left of the circled area in 3320. I don't know that a room is attached to those windows, TBH...

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    We stayed in the room directly below your room a few weeks ago and our room was 3222 so your room should be 3322. Have fun!!

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    Thanks for the replies...just for fun, here's a copy of the picture of our room (with the light on) from 1985!
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    Well, I'll be. I never heard a peep from that side of the wall our entire stay.

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