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    Good Afternoon to all,
    I have booked a one bedroom suite at CTI, aguust 9th - 13th. I was wondering if anyone has stayed in this room before? If so, how was the room and the view? Any pic's would be greatly appreciated. I am 29yrs old from Baltimore, MD and just want to get a feel for what I have gotten myself into. Thank you, in advance!

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    Well hello JRS1 from my home town Baltimore! Eat some crabs for me I'm sure missing them here in Ohio. You have booked a fantastic room. The same one we have booked for Dec. Haven't stayed in one but have visited a friends one year and it's the best room in the place! You get a included mini bar to. Check out Lsuth from this message board's web site it has pics of this room on it here's a link to them:

    Congrats on booking the best room at CTI!
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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