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    Default Bathrooms at CSA

    They don't have much info on the Atrium suite bathrooms and I'm wondering about any sort of Make-up mirror? Should I bring my own or is there on supplied with sufficient lighting?

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    The greathouse rooms have one, not sure about the atrium ones.

    Just use the regular mirror, it is the tropics and you only wear makeup at night. And everywhere you go for dinner is pretty low light...

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    There was not a makeup mirror when we stayed in a BFVS in July 2008. I now bring my own lighted travel mirror.

    Saying "just use the regular mirror" is easy for someone who has not yet reached the age where she needs to use reading glasses. Wait and see . . . .
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Our beachfront suite had a makeup mirror - probably the Atrium rooms are the same.

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    Large wall mirror in the Atrium suites, plenty of light.

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    We had one in our Atrium and our BFS.

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    You're in Jamaica, it really doesn't matter! In my one (small compared to others) previous trip to JA, It really doesn't matter! The first time we went I had everything to be "made up" at the 3rd night, I went from being on the beach all day to being in the nightclub with no shower or prep time inbetween!

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    Yes, the Atrium suites have a make-up mirror with integral light.

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    we stayed in the Atriums last November & there was a make-up mirror

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    Atruim had one too, very bright

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