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    Default November 13th 2010

    We are getting married on Saturday the 13th. So excited and we booked the sunset package anyone else?

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    We are getting married 11/13/10 3pm at CSA and super excited too!!!

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    Default Vow Renewal 10/30

    we are renewing our vows on 10/30 at CN - also the sunset package!

    We are very excited and looking forward to it!


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    We are getting married on 13th November 2010 at midday. So excited can't wait. Would love to meet up when we've all said the big I do's.
    Love Pete and Julie x

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    Default The 13th

    Pete & Julie Congrats! I am so excited for you The 13th is going to be a great day! I saw that the salon was booked for the morning so I figured there had to be another wedding that day! When are you guys arriving and how long are you staying for?

    ~Mandy & Alex

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    Oh and I forgot to mention we are getting married at CN!

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    Hi Mandy and Alex congratulations to you both too. We arrive on 6th Nov for 14 fantastic nights. First timers and really looking forward to it. Would love to meet up xx

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    Congrats to everyone!! We are getting married at CTI on 11/13/10 at 10am!! Leaving in 4 days!! We can't wait!

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