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    Default Sept 20th through the 27th @ CSA

    My soon to be husband and I are going to be enjoying our first CSA and just wondering who might be there at this time and if anyone would want to meet up for a drink? We are both 30 and we have a child, but this is our time to P-A-R-T-Y!!!!! Hope to make some awsome friends and have some GREAT times :-)

    20 days and counting down........

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    My wife and I will be there the 24th- the 2nd of October. Be there your last couple days.Be glade to buy ya'll some drinks.LOL

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    Default Michigan

    We'll be there Sep 23 - 28 and we'll probably be watching the MICHIGAN game at the sports bar on Saturday. We'd love to get together for drinks.

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    Sounds good!!! 9 days and counting down!!!!!!

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    6 days!!!!!:d

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