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    Are there any on SSB and if so any suggestions for a local brand of repellant.
    Thanks for any replies in advance

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    In three years we haven't had any problem with them on SSB. Also, I believe that if there are any around they are only out at night when it is cooler and they are usually around masses of seaweed but I could be wrong about that.
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    When we were there in March there were PLENTY !!! They must've loved me because during our midnight stroll on SSB they got me good, although my husband didn't have anything. Unfortunately for me I didn't use any repellent and I didn't feel anything biting me. Still have the scars! I would suggest using anything with a higher concentration of Deet if you are prone to insect bites. Never again will I go without it! This was only at night, though. We never had a problem during the day.

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