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    Default Diabetic question

    I have found that I have type 2 diabeties. Here's my selfish question. Is there an alcoholic drink that is low in sugar. I especially love hummingbirds & miami vice, but I know they are out of the question. I usually only drink 3 or 4 a day. HELP PLEASE

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    I bring packets of generic Crystal Light, then add that to vodka and club soda. Flavor, bubbles, and alcohol but no extra sugar!!

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    Clear liquor. Vodka actually drops Jamie's blood sugar.

    I have type2 as well, but JA brings out the bad diabetic in me. I make sure to bring my pills!

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    Your best bets are wine, light beer, or spirits (gin, vodka, rum, whiskey) straight or with diet mixers (e.g., rum and Diet Coke). Liqueurs contain added sugar, and the hummingbirds that you love are made with simple (sugar) syrup.
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    I drank what we called a Spleded. It was a twist on a vodka slushie. Ice, vodka, 2 Splendas and lime juice, all blended together. Yummy! The bartenders are great and will help you find something that works for you.

    I didn't do a good job managing my blood sugar the first time I went to CSA. The second trip I really watched what I ate and drank and had no problems.

    Good luck.

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    I really like gin and soda with a fresh lime slice. It is very refreshing and has no sugar.

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    This was an excellent question. I travel with my mother a lot and her sugar is always off the chart while on vacation or when we come back. Since they have put her on insulin along with a pill now our vacations and her sugar have been very manageable. Even the spirits and beers were raising her sugar. I don't have an answer but, I am interested in suggestions from other people. Then we will be ready for our next trip together.

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    Rum, club soda and a splash of pineapple juice. That's my favorite drink. Low in calories and very refreshing.

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    I'm a type one diabetic, but the principles are essentially the same. Here are my lower carb tropical concoctions:

    1. My favorite: diet ginger ale, shot of rum, twist of lime, crushed mint. This came to me in a fit of inspiration by our pool one day, and I have made it for a lot of folks since. I defy anyone to not like it, and it tastes nothing like a "diet" drink. If the folks at Couples don't have diet ginger ale, I bet Diet Ting would be pretty dang tasty as a base, and the mint would be optional.

    2. A classic: Diet Coke, shot of rum, and a twist of lime.

    3. Soda water (seltzer or club), shot of rum, twist of lime, and a splash of tropical fruit juice. If you want it a bit sweeter, I am finding that Splenda works pretty well.

    Have fun!

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    I've been a type II diabetic for years. The odd thing is that the alcohol itself actually lowers your blood sugar. That's one reason that people with hang overs have headaches... it's a low blood sugar condition.

    So the issue isn't really the alcohol... it's the other stuff you consume with it. In the case of beer, it's the carbs, in the case of wine it's the sugar. So if you can start with something that is more like pure alcohol (gin, scotch, etc.) and then add mixer (if necessary) that have no sugar, you'll do better than with other stuff. As with everything, it's best to not go to can have your sugar go too low or too high and it's not good. Also, some diabetic medicines don't react well with alcohol.

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    One thing to do is to get plenty of exercise no matter what you eat or drink. This will help to burn off a lot of sugar and carbs. It works fine for my wife.

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    Thanks everyone for your info: It's a big help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inthesun View Post
    I've been a type II diabetic for years. The odd thing is that the alcohol itself actually lowers your blood sugar.
    Careful with alcohol distilled from sugar (i.e. Rum). Jamie has seen over 500 on the meter thanks to rum+diets.

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    If you are new to type II diabetes, you need to do some research. Much of what you hear is either untrue or only partially true. Anyway, one of the weird things about this is that alcohol (unmixed) actually lowers your blood sugar rather than raising it. This is one reason that hung over people get's a low blood sugar headache. On the other hand sugar and carbs are going to raise your blood sugar. So it's really a balancing act. As others have mentioned, stick with the sugar free mixers (if you drink drinks that have mixers). Personally, I go for the low carb beer, and gin, and also wine (which is not so good, but tastes great).

    Watch your A1C and adjust accordingly. You can work this out... and don't go crazy when you're at can afford to go a bit overboard one week out of the year.

    Hang in there... it will work over the long term.

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    I have also found out that I am Diabetic. You could drink Diet Coke and Baccardi. They advertise this as no carb which I would take to mean no sugar also. For me, I will watch some, but I am in Jamaica and and going to have a great time

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