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    Default CSA Veteran Going to CN: Advice?


    My wife and I have been to CSA three times and have decided to try CN next Spring for the first time. Wondering if anyone has any advice for couples veterans who are CN newbees?

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    What advice do you need?

    You will experience a different style layout for a Couples resort but it's still the Couples All Inclusive way of vacationing.

    Best advice! Be prepared to relax and enjoy.

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    Hi Inthesun,

    We have never been to CSA but we have looked at it repeatedly on the web site. We were considering CSA and decided to stick to CN. We are doing CSS this year but have booked CN for next July.

    As with every Couples do not expect or compare CN to CSA. We find that the resort is more compressed. Don't get the wrong idea, you are not on top of each other. I don't think you have all the foot traffic you see on CSA. The last time we were there at CN we had a group of wondering musicians that gave us about a 30 min. concert for $5.00. They were not a bother as if you didn't want a song, the went on their way singing all the way down the beach.

    We looked at the restaurant menus at CSA and we didn't see anything that really looked interesting enough to try CSA. The food at CN is good but not up to par with CSS.

    We love CN for the beach and the closeness of the resort and staff. No matter where you go in the Couples World you will enjoy every day.

    Relax, have Fun and you will always come back home to Couples.

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    We have been to CSA four times and the former COR twice. Last Oct. we decided to give CN a try. We really had a great time. Of course you get the same Couples experience with regards to food and staff etc. We found it to be much more close knit than the other resorts. We would go back one day, but we really preferred CSA. We like the sports complex, spa, and the ability to have more space to walk around. We are booked this year and next at CSA, so maybe after that we will try CN again. The only thing I would say is try not to compare the resorts. I did that the first day and I was miserable, The next morning I decided to embrace the difference and really had a great time.

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    I agree with Redsoxnation..can't really try and compare, each Couples resort is unique in it's on way, but you still get the wonderful Couples experience. CSA is a beautiful resort and it is spread out. CN is just as beautiful, but all your restaurants, the pool etc are centralized. Although it's smaller than CSA, we've never had a probelm with finding space on the beach. With everything centralized, you see the same guests everyday and it's much easier to socialize if thats what you chose to day. ENJOY!!
    Irie ,
    (Ladydia) Dianna

    CTI 2006, CSA 2007, CN 2008, CN 2009, CN 2010 twice
    CN 2012, CSS 2012, CN 2013, CSS 2014, CSA 2015

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    We also tried CN after 3 trips to CSA. We realy liked it and returned again to CN. The "don't compare" advice given by others is perfect. We spent the frst few days noticing everything we missed about CSA, but eventually began seeing many things we liked beter at CN. However, after 2 trips to CN we are back to CSA.

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    Default Different vibes

    Hi Inthesun,

    We have stayed at both CN and CSA, and like them equally well, but they are very different in their atmospheres. Like the previous posters have said, CSA is very sprawled out lengthwise on the beach, so it's a bit of a hike everywhere. CN is laid out around the central pool, so nothing is more than a few minutes away.

    We prefer CN's beach over CSA, because the foilage is deeper, allowing more shade, and the beach is quieter (less vendors). The surf is a bit smoother, too. CN is a bit smaller resort, too.

    We're divided over the food. I gave CSA the nod by a nose, but hubbie likes CN just a bit better. I like the ala carte breakfast option at CSA. I get a bit tired of the buffet every morning.

    The rooms are very different, but equally comfortable. CN's decor is more rustic, but that doesn't mean worn out. The staff are exceptional both places.

    I prefer the spa at CSA because it's air conditioned, but you can't beat a treetop massage at CN.

    You won't go wrong at CN. We're headed back in December, and we're splitting our trip, trying CSS this time.


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    Beergirl-Thanks for that review. You told me everything I wanted to know about CSA. WE are avid CN people but I have been wanting to go to CSA. I think that many times the first Couples resort you go to is the the one you love the most. I know if we had landed at CSA the first time, that would be the place we would return year after year. We are creatures of habit.

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    Beergirl, very good description of the differences most people would consider important. Especially those who have gone before and know what to expect from Couples in general, just a nice way to break out the differences. We love CN, but may try CSA someday and I am going to keep your comments on here to refer to if we are tossing both around.

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    Default Anxious to try CSS

    Hi -

    It's the subtle things that make each resort unique, isn't it?

    I'm really anxious to try CSS this December. We're lucky enough to be spending 10 days at CN (hubbie won the coin toss), then we're transferring over to CSS for 4 nights - just enough time to get a taste of the resort.

    Then...we'll have to make a 3-way decision! Anybody have a 3-sided coin???


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    One thing that makes CSA's beach so much better as far as I am concerned is that the roped off area in the ocean for swimming is much bigger, and the water gets much deeper. We walked all the way out to the rope at CN and the water was not above my thighs. I like to dive down and swim around like a dolphin and I couldn't at CN.

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    Default CN's bay is shallow

    Hi JumpinJen,

    We really noticed the shallow swimming area last December at CN also. It was deeper than our thighs, though, at that time. I couldn't touch bottom at the rope, but it was so crystal clear we could see the starfish on the bottom, even over my head.

    It must really be shallow now.


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    Thanks everyone for the comments. I think the most valuable suggestion was not to try to compare the two... just sit back and enjoy. We first went to CSA before it was part of couples and before the expansion. We really liked the feel of the relatively small resort where you saw many of the same people each day. Based on your comments I'm really looking forward to trying CN. Thanks again!

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    Get naked. Can't do that at CSA. Well, not on the beach at least.

    CN is our all-time fave. Been there in the double digits.

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