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    Default Couples Sans Souci 2010

    Photo #1 Couples San Souci Sunset Beach

    Photo #2 Every sunset is more amazing each and everyday -
    Especially here at Couples Sans Souci. Ya Mon !!

    Photo #3 Every Room Has A Breath-Taking View.
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    Default CTI Honeymoon April 2010

    Awesome honeymoon. Can't wait to come home again.

    1) Who's the real cool Buddha?
    2) One hot dessert!
    3) A peek at the tower

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    Quote Originally Posted by wileeandrr View Post
    I see the flag is flying
    One of the hazzards of a less crowded swim up bar, I suppose.

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    Default Couples Negril - John and Kathleen - 8.15.2010-8.22.2010

    My wife and I got married on August 13, 2010 and came to Negril a couple days later for a week (8/15-8/22) of great food and drink, amazing sunsets, fabulous beaches, and lots of time spent curling up on the hammock. What a wonderful experience - we'll be back next year!

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    Yup. That's my wife!

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    The moon overlooking the pool at night. Doesn't get much better.

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    Trying to make the days last longer.

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    Default Couples Swept Away - September 5-11, 2010

    We just returned from our first trip to CSA. What a beautiful, magical place.

    Catamaran cruise - swimming in the caves:


    Sunset from our verandah:
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    Default Picture Perfect Vacation

    Tower Isle
    July 25 - July 31

    This was the best vacation by far. Nothing like 7 days of relaxation.

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    Default Couples Tower Isle 9-4 to 9-12 2010

    At the Bayside, you may be able to catch a show with dinner. All this action and not a drop of rain:

    Good morning, world:

    A relaxing evening by the not too far (or never too far) away...

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    Default Couples Tower Isle 9/04-9/11

    A few photos taken during our stay last week.
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    Any reccomendations on a decent waterproof camera? Our first trip is in November!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrongsinLove View Post
    Any reccomendations on a decent waterproof camera? Our first trip is in November!
    I love my Olympus Stylus 1030SW. The pictures I posted above were taken with it so you can see it does well in the water and above the water. It's good up to 30 feet so you can use it for snorkeling but not diving.

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    Went to Sans Souci 8-6-10 thru 8-13-10 for our wedding-moon just the simple things that made you feel all right

    1. A look down into the mineral grotto so peaceful.

    2. Everyone you meet makes you feel at home in Jamaica.

    3. The view of paradise was breath taking from our room.
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    Default Photo question

    Hello all! I am new to this website and I tried to submit 3 pics from my trip to CSW. Just curious how long it takes to show up on the message board/thread? I still don't see my pics or any of my posts. Any help/response would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much!!

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    Default Our trip to Couples Negril

    This was our first trip to a Couples resort and it was for our honeymoon. We were there in August of 2010 and cannot wait to go back.

    1. This picture is from the beach at Couples Negril. I loved how the shadows fell and were cast onto the sand.
    3. This is a perfect sunset from our balcony.
    2. This was during the bonfire on one of the evenings where the fireman started the fire.

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    This was taken on our third trip to CN. Seeing as I'm an avid fisherman and my last name is Sherman, I couldn't resist taking this shot. I had to wait about 30 minutes of timing the waves until I caught it just right. Coming home to CN, 4/2011. Can't wait!!!!

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    CTI 9/11/10 to 9/18/10
    We have never experienced a vacation like this! One where we felt so connected to a place, the staff, and each other! Unforgettable!
    1. Sunrise in paradise
    2. coco-loco
    3. our place in the sun
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    Quote Originally Posted by lmpermuy View Post
    Hello all! I am new to this website and I tried to submit 3 pics from my trip to CSW. Just curious how long it takes to show up on the message board/thread? I still don't see my pics or any of my posts. Any help/response would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much!!
    I can see your photos just fine. You posted them in another thread though.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    1) some late night grilling at css
    2) look down at the css beach and the rest of the island behind the resort
    3) one of many beautiful sunsets

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    Default Amazing time! 9/7/10-9/12/10

    Best vacation ever! Hope to come back soon, great staff, great food, great time!
    -First Picture is our trip to Dunn's River Fall
    -Second is.... well you'd know if you went to Tower Isle =]
    -Third is our Horseback Riding Adventure
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    Our recent trip to Sans Souci was MORE than amazing! We loved it! I took several hundred pics but here are 3 that I really love.

    Palazzina Restaurant and B-Block

    View of B-Block from our beach chairs.

    Just outside gym; beautiful palm with wedding gazebo in background.
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    Default Couples Negril

    My husband and I celebrated five wonderful years of marriage at Couples Negril in June 2010. We had an amazing time!

    1. Two love birds as viewed by two "lovebirds" in an hammock on the beach of Couples Negril.

    2. The red flag service at Couples Negril. Warm sunshine, blue skies, a great view, and our favorite drinks on the way--what more could you want?

    3. After fun times on the catamaran cruise, we returned to Couples Negril with a beautiful sunset in the background.
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    Default Couples Sans Souci 2010

    May 2010 visit to Sans Souci our second time there and fourth to Couples. Sunset pics from sunset beach.
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    Default 1st trip to CTI June of 2010

    Scuba was the best!
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    Default September Photo Contest

    We stayed at Couples Swept Away from September 1st, 2010 - September 8, 2010. What can I say other than it's paradise!! From the sandy white beach, crystal blue, tranquil waters, and beautiful sunsets to the amazing grounds, wonderful hotel rooms, delicious foods,and incredible staff...Couples if definitely our home away from home! We can't wait to go back! So many pictures to share but will I start with the three below to enter the contest! Enjoy!

    1. Beach - Heaven on Earth! BREATHTAKING! Just picture yourself on this beach with a pina colada! Need I say more?

    2. & 3. Great shots of a local man selling his conch shells on the beach to make a living. Everyday and evening he would walk up and down the beach selling his shells(2 in each hand). He told us that he dives for the shells himself and tries to sell them everyday. Of course we bought one and sooo beautiful! Straight from the waters of Negril! If you see him, definitely stop him and check out his shells!! You will be amazed how beautiful they are and how friendly he is!! We called him "SHELLS".
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    Default Home away from home...

    Pictures from CN in March 2010:
    First: Catamaran coming in for the day
    Second: Paradise
    Third: Tye dyed sunset

    See you again in March 2011!
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    Default Couples Tower Isle

    After falling in love with Couples Swept Away last November, my husband and I visited Couples Tower Isle on our honeymoon in July!! Here are our favorite pictures from our trip to TI!

    1. You light up my life! - We enjoyed watching the lightening over looking the Bayside Restaurant!

    2. Somewhere over the Rainbow! - Even with the rain the skies were still blue!

    3. Dynamite - I throw my hands up in the air sometimes!

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