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    Default Going to San Souci in November

    My husband and I will be making our first trip to San Souci on November 22. We are extremely excited. Is there anyone else who will be there during that time?

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    You may want to try posting on the "Meet up at Couples Board" (linked to at the top of the page). We'll be there in October so we'll miss you by a month! Regardless, you will LOOOOOVE it! Have so much fun!!

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    You can go to the "Meet up thread" and you will find who is coming when you will be there

    Have a great time!

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    Thanks, I'm posting now!

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    Yup. It'll my honeymoon and my first trip to Jamaica, to couples, and also my first time out of the US! Can't wait!

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    Default Meet up @ CSS

    There are posting on the "Meeting Up At Couples Sans Souci" board to show who will be where and when.

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    See you are posting on the "Meet Up" board. Yes, we will be there during that same period. We will be at CSS Nov 20 - 27th and then we move over to CTI for a few additional days. This will also be our first time at CSS and looking forward to that side of the Island. We have been a number of times to CN, CSA and resorts in MB. We just love Jamicia... You will see we are listed on the Meet-Up board. Looking forward to meeting you in Jamicia... 67 more days for us.

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