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    Default Private Beach Dining question....

    How many couples can have a private beach dinner at a time. We are going with our cousins and we were thinking of surprising them with a private beach dinner the same night we have ours. Thanks!

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    I am sure if you request they may be able to book your dinners together. Just ask and see if it is possible. There were several couples having private dinners the night we had ours. We were spaced apart though. Had the time of our lives...

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    We had a private dinner on the beach at CTI and there was another couple having theirs about 10-15 yards away. I remember one night they had three dinners at the same time. Plenty of space and its so dark you won't even notice the others.

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    We were at CSA this last August, and some nights it looked like there were 7 or 8 couples having a beach dinner. Well separated and all the way along the beach from the main pool area all the way to water sports. You should be able to do the beach dinner the same night, and perhaps ask to be adjacent to each other.

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    Thanks everyone!! I can't wait! 3 weeks and counting!!

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    On Valentines night in 2009 there were loads at CSA! Still had privacy though

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