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    Default San Soucci Oceanfront or Beachfront

    I can't decide. Which has the better balcony, view, etc. Which would YOU do?


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    We chose the beachfront as we want to be as close to SSB as possible. I've heard the oceanview rooms have incredible views, but we won't be in the room very much and would rather be close to the beach.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Iam curious as well. Booked a beach front but thinking about trying to upgrade to a penthouse. Pros and cons anyone......

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    Depends how much you stay in the room.

    The beachfront jacuzzi suites are all about location. They are on the level of the beach, main pool, (2) of the (3) restaurants, and the special events. These rooms have great views of the ocean but the balconies only have a table and a couple of chairs, no loungers.

    The other room catagories are on the upper part of the resort and there are a lot of steps to get to the beach.

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    I LOVE the one bedroom ocean balcony rooms especially the ones in Building E and G. The room and balcony are almost 2x the size of the beachfront with fantastic views from up on the cliff,
    Shari & James
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    We stayed in a One Bedroom Ocean at the top of the cliffs in Building G. But we're beach people, so if we ever went back to CSS, we'd stay in a One Bedroom Beachfront to be closer to the beach, pool and main bar. I have pictures of our balcony and view if that would help (
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