Hey everyone,

I have been to the Dunn's River "S" place twice before and we were planning another trip-only to find out it is under new ownership. I checked out the "deal" they had and it wasn't that great-in fact, I looked up their pricing again after only a few days and they raised their prices $150/night.

I then went shopping around and thought I would give Couples and the Negril area a try; since we have never been to Negril.

Well, I decided on CSA and booked a bfvs. Then the new Jewel place sent out an email showing a new offer and they decreased their prices. I would be saving quite a bit by going with them (over $2000.00). However, the room would be a concierge room w/balcony and a view of the ocean. Not at all like the bfvs.

Money is important; however, I want to do something different and Couples sounds (from all of the reviews) like it is quite nice.

Am I crazy to choose CSA over saving a couple thousand? Is it worth the change? I just don't want to regret my decision. What do y'all think?