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Thread: CTI or CSA?

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    Default CTI or CSA?

    My husband and I are planning a trip in May for our anniversary and have narrowed our choices down to CTI and CSA. We are in our early 40's. We aren't party animals, but aren't sticks in the mud either. We'd love an environment that is quiet enough to be relaxing and lively enough to be entertaining. Any suggestions from past guests on which resort may be a good fit and why?

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    I loved the long walks on the beach we were able to do at CSA, but it's not private. I would prefer a private beach...something to think about if you have a preference. We went to CSA our first trip last year. This year CSS. Hopefully next year CTI. I prefer the private beach setting...

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    I have been to both and I can give you absolutely no help. We love both, and both offer exactly what it is you asked for. The good news is that you can't go wrong.

    Keep reading the message board and search photo sharing sites like Flickr and Picassa. The answer will come to you after a little bit.

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    Neither. We've been to three of the four (all but CSS). Couples Negril is our favorite, and we are also a non-stick-in-the-mud 40's couple. To us, the beach at Swept Away felt too much like a public beach. There are vendors at CN, but not nearly the volume as on the main part of the 7-mile. Also, everything is spread out at CSA, where CN is a more modern design, with a central area that has all of the goodies (pool, swim-up bar, beach grill, two jacuzzis, main restaurants, lobby, etc.).

    The island at CTI is great, but the main beach is small (though completely private), so no long beach walks. Also, that side of the island is windier and rockier.

    The 7-mile is simply one of the best beaches in the world (technically, the 7-mile includes Bloody Bay (where CN is), and the main strip (where CSA is)).

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    Have not been to CSA. done the others but I can tell you of those CTI is our favorite. About to do our 5th trip to CTI out of 8 couples vacations.

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    CSA! You will find what you are looking for at CSA we are not party animals either but you cannot beat the beach at CSA long bay is the best! not to mention CSA is the most non-hotel like as there are separate villa type room blocks.
    Erika & Sean

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    I agree with EinWI, CSA all the way! We enjoyed CTI but fell in love with CSA. The early morning strolls on the beach were nice and the walks through the manicured grounds were awesome. People complain about vendors on 7 mile beach but we found them to be entertaining. They're not a bother at all if you sit away from the water's edge up near the path. Things at CSA that we loved were, lunch & snacks at Seagrapes, evenings with Uli playing the piano in the Aura lounge, food at any of the four restaurants, rooms in buildings that are not hotel-like, the sports complex/smoothie bar...I can go on forever. Enjoy your time in Paradise (aka CSA).

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