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    Default Booked 8 nights ( is that enough)

    We have booked 8 nights in June For CSA... We are wondering if we need to do a few more.. We want to make sure we stay long enough, but not too long (if thats possible, lol)...
    This is our first trip to Couples Resorts, we booked the BFVS.. Let us know want you think,, thanks...

    Also we were kicking around the idea of moving over to CN for 3 nights, after our 8 nights at CSA... Money is really not a problem... Just dont want to get burned out our first trip to couples...

    kerry and laura

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    I think the split is a great idea and we'd do it if we could

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    Everyone is different but personally, I NEVER want to go home from vacation and 8 days is not enough for me! With that being said, we stayed 8 nights at CN in February this year and seriously, we needed at least 3 more to do some things that we didn't have time for. At Couples, you can be as busy as you want to be or as laid back as you want. Between the daily scheduled activities, the inclusive amenities like the catamaran trip, snorkeling, diving, glass bottom boat, shopping shuttle, sunset bar shuttle, beach bonfires, etc., honestly, one would need about two weeks to experience it all. If you can't spare the extra days this trip, you can always come back next year and do the things you didn't have time for on this trip. Plus, you'll become a "repeater" like so many others. That's what we decided...already have our airfare for Feb. 2011 and we can hardly wait! Good luck with your "good" dilemma. I'll be interested to see what you decide to do....make sure you post your final decision! lol

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    Default Extended Stay...

    We LOVE Couples but usually split our time up between the cliffs in Negril and Couples. I would highly recommend that. That way you get to try some of the local fare and get to experience Jamaica in another way as well. We stay 7 nights at Couples and 3 or 4 on the cliffs....

    Just a thought...

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    We usually stay for two weeks and it always seems to little. Why dont you book 11 nights at CSA and do the day trip to CN? If you like it you could ask to change for your last three nights. You are going in June which is not a busy time so it should not be a problem.

    We always stay in the Atriums so cant help with info on the BVS suites. You will love CSA!

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    I wish we had the time off for 8 nights. I think it is going to depend on what you want to do, but IMO, I don't think I could ever get burned out. No matter how long you stay you will not want to go back home. If you have the option of going to CN for a few days, you may want to try that just for a comparison, so you know when (and it WILL BE WHEN) you come back, which one on the Negril side you prefer.

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    We stayed at CSA last year for 8 days, and it wasnt enough. It took us a day and half to really relax. Then we were to relax to leave the beach to do anything until day 7. So IMHO 10 days would be great, or maybe 12 days, wait for sure 14 days, no better make is 16 days. So how long are you allowed to stay at resort before you have to leave? lol. Your going to love CSA.

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    You'll get different opinions, but for us, 8 is a good number. We've stayed 10 (3 at a non-Couples resort and 7 at CN), and while we enjoyed every bit of it, 8 or 9 would have been plenty. On the other hand, we had been to CN at least 10 times before, so there was not the urgency to do every activity.

    We much prefer CN to CSA, so would not do a split. If we did any split, it would probably be at least 4 days at each resort, so it doesn't feel like you are spending too much time packing/unpacking and traveling. CN and CSA are close enough that the drive is just a few minutes, but it still takes time to pack, move your stuff, check out, wait for the taxi, check in, unpack, etc.

    The previous poster had a great idea. Go to CN on a pass as soon as you can, then see if Couples will let you transfer if you want.

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    We learned the 1st trip, that if we went back(also decided come hell or high water we would), that a week wasn't long now, the standard is 9 days...we would love to do 10, but, that would be pushing it with our jobs
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    It really is never enough nights,but 8 nights will be a lot of fun

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    Wow, if I had your dilema and money was no object, I would stay 14 days at CSA and then move over to CSS for another 14 days. Just a dream of mine....

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