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    Default Wearing White after Labor Day

    Ok, it's after Labor Day and I'm headed to CSS in two weeks. Can I pack my white pants, white skirt, &/or white peep espadrilles?

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    Labour day in Jamaica is in May.
    I don't think the fashion police have jurisdiction there.

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    White is a color like any other. It too can be worn all year round, especially in a tropical place. The old addage about no white after Labor Day is something you only hear in the States and I find it rather silly.

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    I think the wearing white after Labor Day rule only applies to colder climates. It'll be hot in Jamaica and wearing white keeps you cool.

    We'll be in Jamaica at the end of the month (Secret Rendezvous) and I'll be wearing my white skirt and sandals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelly&Tim View Post
    Ok, it's after Labor Day and I'm headed to CSS in two weeks. Can I pack my white pants, white skirt, &/or white peep espadrilles?
    ....This IS the tropics. White is always in fashion!!

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    Hi Kelly&Tim,

    I think this is only an American tradition (as we're the only ones with this holiday) so you can wear as much white as you wish! Just wish I was there with you to wear white!


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    Why not, no fashion police there. Be yourself and not everyone else.

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    Absolutely. You will be in Jamaica mon!

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    We were there last Novemer and I brought white pants with me. I'd say you're fine to wear white. You will after all be in the tropics! Have a great time!

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    Sure! Those rules do not apply in Jamaica. People were all colours 365 days of the year!

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    Well, according to Stacy London on "What Not To Wear" white is OK after labor day. Besides, who cares, you are in paradise and on vacation in a warm place. I would go for it.

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    I would! I don't think the "No white after Labor Day" rule applies in's too hot.

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    I dont know if Jamaica observes a labour day. Wear what you like, and feel good about and let the fashion police enjoy themselves at another resort...its your holiday..enjoy


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    Go for it girlfriend. The white after Labor Day doesn't apply to the caribbean...that's my story & I'm sticking to it!

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    Sure. You can pack them... you just can't wear them! LOL!!!! Wear them all of course (just not at the same time).

    So what is "Wearing white season"? So we're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day. There must be some day in the spring? when it's okay to start wearing white. What day is that?


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    YES! That rule is old and outdated, people wear white after labor day all the time! When going on vacation, rules don't apply anyway, LOL
    Erika & Sean

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    YES!! In the tropics anything goes. I am a South Carolinian, and while I wouldn't be caught dead in SC with white on after Labor Day till Easter, I always wear white when in Jamaica in December. Its a great chance to revisit your fun summer wardrobe while everyone is freezing and wearing boring drab colors back home!

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    YES,YES, and YES!

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    Are you for real???? It is perfectly acceptable to wear white after Labor Day now. This is true in all locations. Of course in the tropics it has always been acceptable any day of the year. Wear that white!

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    When I go in February, I always pack my white stuff!! White is good year-round at Couples!

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    Default Whites past Labor Day?

    I coud NOT pass this one up! We just had this discussion at work today. Please keep in mind, I am from the Pittsburgh, PA area and wearing "whites" AFTER Labor Day is a no-no. However, if it happens to still be very warm, some folks will still wear their white pants, shoes, etc. However, our temps have cooled off for about a week now to only the mid 60's so I have put away the white purse, pants/capris and shoes. BUT...when we go to Jamaica in the middle of February OUT come the white capris & shoes! I say YES, wear your "whites" proudly as it will be WARM & SUNNY in Jamaica! Enjoy!!!

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    no rules in jamaica except have fun. pack and where whatever you love. have fun.

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    No! No white after Labor Day. When going to Couples after Labor Day, you must wear only black!
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    I think it's okay. That is an old standard of fashion that no longer exists! Wear what you wanna!

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    I think you have your answer, Haha

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