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    Default Sharing Our 7 Mile Beach

    Jamaica is for Vacations, For a typical week-end day trip, we, in Southern Ontario, Canada also have a 7 mile long beach. It is the longest freshwater beach in the world. I just thought I'd share our week-end retreat

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    It appears my link to photos didn't work. I'll try to post another later. Sorry bout that

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    Let's try this again Links to pics of our 7 mile beach.

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    Wow, very nice. Thanks for the link and photos. Who knew Canada had a beach like that? And inland too!

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    Wow, that looks awesome. What a great place to have so close. Enjoy!

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    Default Interesting.

    I would not have expected to see a beach like that. On our trips to northern climates we usually see rocky shores. What is the season for beach use? Is the water cold? Is there an AN section?
    We are always looking for different places to visit.

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    How is the water temp there about now?

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    Sue and Mike, nice pics my wifes parents live at Wasaga so we get there a lot.

    tag2some its really nice from July to August , although its not Jamaica warm its warm for here. Its shallow for about 100 yards out( less than 3 feet deep and all sand so water stays warm with the summer sun..The sany beach is also really wide about 100-200 meteres in parts with small dunes on the east end. There is no AN, but occasionally topless as thats legal in Ontario.

    Some local rumors have it that if you walk away from the main beach past dunes on the east end, , about half hr walk some people will try AN in secluded areas. Its not really legal though but I dont think anyone will be looking for you if you are discreet away from the beach...on a quiet day, weekends there are more people..but dont plan on AN trip to Wasaga...

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    Nice pictures. I knew just where you were talking about before I got to the post with your link! We live in the Syracuse area and spent a couple of nights in Wasago. Very pretty. My friends family vacationed there for years.

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    Glad you enjoyed the pics

    I'm enjoying my MB reading and soaking it all up in preparation for our trip to the Island.

    I just love to share Ontario with people that really don't know much about us up here. I'm kind of an ambassador for my speck of the world.

    It would take me pages to describe what I know of this area. I can be a motor mouth so I'll try to do a mini description for you and answer a couple of questions at the same time. To get details or info on other seasons, you're best bet is to google wasaga beach ontario.

    Wasaga Beach is a summer resort town that caters to simple beach life with emphasis on relaxation. Tourism is the town's economy which goes through a population explosion from the end of May to early September. There are no major resorts or fancy hotels in Wasaga. What you find is 80% private cottage/home rentals and some OK to nice motels, cabins or low-rise condos. Like anywhere you have to research.

    If you are looking for a "catered lifestyle" you won't find it at Wasaga. If you want it, you bring it or buy it. If you don't cook, you go out and eat.

    Wasaga is on Georgian Bay, off Lake Huron, one of 5 freshwater Great Lakes. We have all kinds of lovely sandy beaches up here, esp on Georgian Bay. Wasaga just happens to be the warmest and nicest slice(in my opinion).

    The entire beach is governed by the Ontario Provincial Parks program, accessible by pathways from private cottage roads and several areas the Park maintains along the stretch which have parking and picnic areas adjacent to the beach. You only pay a fee if you bring a car in, otherwise, beach access is free to all. Everyone staying or living there mingles on the entire length of beach. There is "main strip" beach access and parking operated by the town as well. In most cases, the beach is a 5 min walk away - at most.

    There is NO AN sunbathing on Wasaga Beach, tho I'm sure there is private beach property elsewhere in the general area that may provide the AN experience. Wasaga is only a portion of sandy beaches along the coast.

    There is no alcohol allowed on the beach, but we've never had issues by being discreet. It's a family friendly beach.

    We always went up on week-days to have a quieter more relaxed day. The beach is used by residents, renters and day visitors. Week-ends are always very busy, esp if it's good weather & a long week-end.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rhallva View Post
    How is the water temp there about now?

    I've never taken the temp of the water, but if I use our pool as a guide - average water temps through the summer months (June - Labour Day) range from about 68F - 80F (give or take in either direction), Everything depends on the depth of water and weather conditions. There tends to be an initial chill factor upon entering the water, but that quickly goes away after a few minutes.

    There are calm days when the water is like soup, then other days, it can be quite chilly.

    Our air temps vary as well. We can have summers where the avg. temps can range from 70's - high 80's and others, like this year where we had almost 2 months of temps in the high 80's to mid 90's. Much hotter on humid days. The water was pretty warm this summer.

    Being a Canadian living in this climate (similar to Upper New York State, Michigan, etc.), we are used to water being cool. It doesn't stop us from enjoying all our fresh water lakes as soon as the season allows and right to the last week-end we can. Lakes in Southern Ontario are fairly warm in the summer, but folks living and visiting further north will generally have colder lake water longer into the season due to thaw conditions after a winter.

    It's definitely NOT Caribbean temps, but we do what we can lol

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    I did some work in my albums, so here is a new link

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    Hi Sue_&_Mike,
    My husband Steve and I are also from Whitby! Nice to meet you here on the MB!

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    Hey, nice pics! Wasaga brings back memories. We used to go there for big family reunions when I was a kid. We lived in Georgetown. Later when I returned to Ontario from BC I went back there, and to other great places like the Pineries in Grand Bend. Nice to see you so proud of your home land
    Out here in BC most of our beaches on the ocean are rocky, but we discovered a nice sandy one on the Sunshine Coast, and there's some sandy ones on lakes (not 7 miles long though!). The ocean is COLD here though... nothing like Jamaica with the white sand and warm turquoise water... ahhhhh.... I can hardly wait....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terri_Steve View Post
    Hi Sue_&_Mike,
    My husband Steve and I are also from Whitby! Nice to meet you here on the MB!
    Thanks Terri ditto that. We're only 2 yrs new to Whitby, but it so feels like "HOME" and it's so civil compared to TO

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