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    Don't wear white if it snows while you are there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roclin View Post
    There must be some day in the spring? when it's okay to start wearing white. What day is that?

    ...I believe it's Easter.

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    Absolutely! And don't forget the white sundress and white bathing suit. LOL

    I am from MI and love what I call summer in winter when we go to Jamaica.

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    I live in Florida and I don't think anyone hear still abides by that 'rule'. You will be fine to wear whatever you want

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    Default response to wearing white after labor day

    I doesn't matter. It's Jamaica. It's always summertime there! and besides, where whatever you want to wear. who cares what others think. Besides, there are no rules in fashion anymore. Mix it up! Be hot! Look great! No worries, mon!

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    PLEASE I live in WI where it gets cold and that whole white after labor day thing is older than dirt! Hence the reason they make "winter white". Not to mention if you're in JA it's never "winter" so it's ok.
    Erika & Sean

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    What an outdated tradition.....thank goodness

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