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    Default CSA - entertainment/bars off resort

    I've read several posts/reviews where people said they went to bars on the beach, listened to live music, etc. I don't know the names of any of these though! Any recommendations? Nights to go there? How far are they from CSA? Will CSA arrange transformation to these bars? Thanks!

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    I am not experienced with Negril enough to personally recommend any places, but this map might help you locate them once others offer suggestions.
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    Default will answer most if not all your q's long bay is chock full of cool mom and pop bars alfred i believe has live reggea tue thurs and sat sun
    For a more dancehall club experience the jungle would be a solid choice ... lot of mom and pop bar clubs in west end

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    There is a place near CSA called "The Jungle" that I heard was very cool. We were just at CSA last week and several people we were hanging out with went there and had a good time. Also, be sure to take a picture of the "Rules" when you get there. I believe one of them was "No gigaloos, toots, or hoodlums." I wish I would have gone just to get a picture of that sign! Priceless!

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    Sorry guys. I posted my response to the wrong thread. Take a look at the "Weather in Dec?" thread for photos we took at a local bar.

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    Hey Yazmon,

    I think I've been to that bar!! Under the exact same circumstances. In 2006 on our honeymoon. We went down the beach with another couple and "let" the rain choose our bar. GOOD TIMES.

    Just don't order white wine. Some people onthis board will know exactly what I mean.

    It's hard to go wrong just exploring down seven mile beach, although I would say its more "south" than "east" of CSA.

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    Great map... I've posted it a number of times, myself, and its a great reference to have with you. A few comments about it are in order.

    First, kudos are due to Mrs Sienna Kerr, who I am comfortable calling friend. She literally walked (with a pedometer) the entire length of Norman Manley Bvd and West End, taking notes along the way. She did a remarkable job compiling this information, and had significant assistance from some of the folks over on the TA website.

    Second, the map is not necessarily to scale, but it DOES do a great job of showing relative positions and locations of the various businesses along the way.

    Finally, the map was published in early 2008, and with time, a number of the businesses, I noticed in May, have closed, changed names or ownership. Others have sprung up or been revived since the map was published. Anyone with a struggling downtown strip knows how this works, and is expected.

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