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    Default Mastectomy/reconstruction?

    I've seen a question about scars, cellulite, etc. and it looks like there are no worries. However, this might make others uncomfortable. I've never gone to an AN or CO beach, but want to give it a whirl! I've had a bilateral mastectomy w/reconstruction (just implants). You can definitely tell. Would this make others too uncomfortable?

    One other question. I want my husband to go too....but he's afraid he'd have to carry a magazine or something in front of him. Hee hee. Do you find that once you're there, it's not really a problem?

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    To be honest, people WILL take notice of your reconstruction and it will last for exactly 1.0 seconds and then you'll be just like everyone else. I'm sure you've read that there are all sorts of different makes and models of humans on the nude beach and you'll be just another person having a blast with everyone else.

    About your's the most common misconception amongst men and, as one, i've never really been close. The most recent time there were a lot of good looking 20-something honeymooners and if there were ever a time for an unexpected flag raising, that was it but of course it never happened because it's all about being free and socializing and never about anything sexual.

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    I can't speak to the male issue, but as for the female issue, no worries! Go for it. Wouldn't bother me. What would bother me is someone who missed out on the AN beach and felt disappointed!

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    I agree with Donjohnson, people might look for a few seconds, but then so what. Actually, everyone looks at others for a few seconds, just like most people do anywhere they are. As far as the male issue, I can only tell you what my husband told me the first year. We sat on the textile side on the second or third day we were there waiting for the glassbottom boat tour, and he said he had more of the problem your husband was worried about there than he did on the AN beach. The imagination works a lot on this situation. So, both of you relax and enjoy the experience of freedom that is there on the AN beach.

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    Just got back from a fantastic trip to CTI and going back to my favorite place in the world "the Island". Memories of "the Island" got me through some of the darkest days of my life. I had breast cancer seven years ago, with a unilateral mastectomy. I had DIEP flap reconstruction a year ago and it is very noticeable which side was affected, with the scars and shape. I hoped that one day I would return to the Island and I did. I was very self conscious at first and stayed in my chair, in a more private area, while my husband got drinks. He was so happy that we were back there that he would have done anything for me. But by the second day I could care less and others could too! By the middle of the trip I was in the pool, talking to others and not self conscious.In fact I met another wonderful survivor on the Island, who also had reconstruction. Damian, the bartender, told my husband it is what it is and that it's "no problem". Better that I'm alive and enjoying life. I was respectful of not parading around young honeymooning couples but it's a fact of life. If you saw a man with a leg amputated due to diabetes, you wouldn't give it a second thought. The same goes for our situation. So go, enjoy the freedom and beauty that is "the Island" and don't worry about offending anyone. Also I thought it was extremely funny when the Couples snorkeling boat came really close to the Island to get a glimpse of my dented up stuff!

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    Default Here Now

    We are at CTI right now and I want to tell you that there is no question in my mind that had you been on the Island this week, you would have been welcomed and comfortable and had a blast just like every person who was there.

    We all have scars... some are more visible than others, but no one gets through life without them. There are ONLY nice people on the Island... I don't know why but it is TRUE.

    Live, love, enjoy... and come to CTI... this is my first time here and already I can understand why so many Islanders call it Home.


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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and advice (especially ct ti fan - it was nice to hear from someone else in this situation). You've reassured me and I'm going to go for it!! Thanks again everyone. Seems the "au naturel" set is very accepting and fun. I can't wait!

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    My wife had left mastectomy 13 years ago and no reconstruction. We were at CTI and SSB in March 2010 and nobody bothered or even seemed to notice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by My_AZ View Post
    We are at CTI right now ....
    My_AZ, step away from the computer. You are there to relax and have fun. There will be plenty of time for posting when you get back!

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    We are presently at CTI and with Myra. There is no better place to be in the world than on TI with the most wonderful people. We are part of the Ivan Islanders and we have adopted so many more friends to our group over the years and as of this trip my list has grown from 5 pages of friends to about 7 pages by the time we leave. We would be glad to add you. Will you be here before the 21st because we would love to meet you both?

    You must be a part of this special place.

    Take care!

    Paul and Debbie

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