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    Default Late Sept - Oct Check in please

    Lets see who is all coming. Please write your names, dates attending CSA and if your celebrating anything. We have set up a meet and greet for Thursday Sept 30th at 2:30 at the swim up bar. Please come and have fun.

    Kevin and Kim 9/27/10 thru 10/6/10 Honeymoon (wedding 9/25/10)

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    Default Sept.30th meet up at pool bar

    Wayne and Lillian Lejeune from Gonzales Louisiana. Sept.24th - Oct.2nd. Celebrating nothing special just because we love it.

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    Dan and Cindy October 2 - 8 from Baton Rouge Louisiana - Sorry we are going to miss the LeJuenes especially since we live right down the road from ya!Dan and I are to be married on the beach 10/5 Tuesday at 11:00am. Please come if you would like.

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    james and darcy fuller harrisville new york sept 25th to october 2nd our honeymoon!

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    Mike and Margi Neff
    Sept 29th-Oct 6th
    12th Wedding Anniversary on October 3rd
    Prospect, Kentucky

    We will see you all at the meet and greet. And Dan and Cindy....we'll be there for your wedding. This trip is gonna rock!!!!!

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    Harry and Gladys Lane 38th Anniversary
    Corbin,Ky. Sept.29-Oct.10

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    Tyler and Cambia Nickells will be there Oct 4-10! Celebrating our 2 year anniversary! We're from Amish County Ohio!lol Looking forward to week away from the Mennonites!!

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    John and Trish from Ireland 20th Sept to 4th Oct

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    John and Trish--Make sure to come to the meet and greet on Sept. 30th at 2:30pm at the swim up bar. Can't wait to meet everyone. Yay. We leave two weeks from today.

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    Welcome aboard John and Trish. All of us here are meeting at the swim-up bar on Thursday Sept 30th at 2:30 in the afternoon for a meet and greet. Hope you can make it. This is gonna be a lot of fun...13 more days for me and kim...

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    Amen Margi - 16 days left for us!!! Hey JT Irlend my soon to be hubby has family roots from Irleand would like to go some day if we could refrain from the Carribean. What do expect with a name like O'Halferty! lol I am getting really excited!!

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    DanandCindy, my email is We are staying in a GVS too. I am hoping for one near the middle of the resort. I would love a third floor corner room. Fingers crossed. See you soon. Only 11 days to go for me

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    5 days then we will be sitting on our verandah on our ocenfront verandah sweet hopefully bottom floor coner room! cant wait to put paces with names!

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    Yay! We have only 7 days until we leave. Can't wait to meet everyone. I hope we get a good turn out. See you all at CSA!!!!

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    Artie and Kelly from KY Sept 26-Oct 1st....4 more days!! We were married one month ago today : )

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    Artie and Kelly, welcome! Congrats on the marriage. Hope to see you at the meet and greet on Thursday, Sept. 30th at 2:30. Where are you from in KY?

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    Artie & Kelly welcome aboard. Just so you know we are having a meet and greet on thursday the 30th at 2:30 at the swim up bar. Kim and I arrive the day after you on Monday the 27th. Looking forward to meeting you and everyone else. Safe travels as this will be most likely my last post. We are getting married on Saturday so lots of little things to take care of. See you all very soon.

    Kevin & Kim 9/27/10-10/06/10

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    See you guys there fuller we leave tomorrow!

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    Thank you! WE are from Bardstown KY. Kevin and KIm, best wishes! LOoking forward to meeting everyone on Thursday or before!

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    kyboones, we have been to Bardstown many times. My husband loves bourbon. See everyone September 30th! I'm still packing and need to finish up soon. We leave early Wednesday. Congrats Kevin & Kim you are a married couple now.

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    9/27 I just check and the weather in Negril for the next 10 days is 90% thunderstorms, that is going to ruin my wedding.......moon OMG I am so sad.........

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    Jason and Amy
    Manning, SC
    Oct. 6-10
    Our first anniversary

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    Jen and Jon
    St. Louis, MO
    Oct. 11-17
    Getting married on beach Oct. 14

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    Aleesha & Justin Oct 12-17. For our honeymoon! From Fort Worth TX!!

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