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    Several years ago, Couples Negril had bicycles that were set on pontoons that could glide over water. Do any of the other resorts have these bicycles?

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    CTI have these bicycles since the refurbishments, they looked like great fun. We were there last week but didn't get around to trying them - too many other things to do!!

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    We were just at CTI in Aug. and they had them!

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    We loved them a CSA years ago. When we went back in April they only had one, the other was broken. We didn't use it because only one person cna ride it at a time so it wouldn't be very fun. One would have to go out alone while the other waited for a turn. That was actually something I was really looking forward too so I was pretty disappointed. We are going back in Oct and I hope they have two in working order so we can use them.

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