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    Posting poolside, cup of coffee at hand and the beautiful blue Caribbean and deep, white sand beach in view. Clear, sunny skies and the morning bustle of activity slowly increasing.

    New this trip is the large chunk of real estate claimed on the beach as 'Wedding Area'. We were chased out of there yesterday morning by the wedding coordinator. Folks, if you elect to get married on a public beach, expect the public to be there. We are not going to be chased away from one of the best shade trees waterside at CN again...

    Silver Birds steel pan band performed last night at the Jamaican buffet at Cassava Terrace - goat curry, escovitch, bammy and steel pan music - heaven on earth!

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    CN is great! Have an awesome vacation and a rumpunch for Razzl! Love & Respect - Razzl

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    How much spac is the wedding coordinators taking? Is this area still by the au naturel beach? Thanks for taking the time to post. Its so nice to hear from someone live!! Enjoy yourself!!!!!
    189 Days til CN!!!!
    One Love,

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    Default Live from CN - response to Stretch

    Hey there. Greg and Tami here. Thanks for posting your update! It was really nice to read about the gorgeous weather and the view from the pool. Greg wholeheartedly agrees with you about the group getting married on a public beach and says we will see you on the PUBLIC beach tomorrow! We fly out from Chicago Sunday morning. Have a great time!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stretch View Post
    New this trip is the large chunk of real estate claimed on the beach as 'Wedding Area'.
    Is this really new? There has been a wedding area for years at CN. Though it moved some years ago to an area closer to the AN beach, it has been there for awhile.
    Is this the same place or did they move/expand again?

    Thanks for posting while in paradise.

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