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    Default Thomson Flights from London Gatwick


    has anyone ever traveled from London Gatwick with Thomson flights. The seats are apparently 33". I'm not sure how cramped this might be.

    My boyfriend is 6'5" (yes tall) and we are going to sans souci in December, i'm wondering if we should upgrade to either more leg room or premium class (at a cost!)

    any info would be great.

    See you all soon.

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    Default Thomson Flights from London Gatwick

    Hi Akin,
    This year will be our 4th visit to couples. The 1st year we travelled with Thomson, the last 2 years we have used Virgin.
    Im 6'3"and with a direct flight time of close to 10 hours we upgrade if we can.
    For whats it is worth my advise would be to upgrade if you can afford it.
    Enjoy your holiday.

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    Haven't flown with Thomson, but would recommend Virgin's Premium Economy class. The flights out of Gatwick usually have the PE section in the upstairs of the 747 which meeans there isn't too much noise from the rest of the plane too.

    Virgin have most flights available in a sale at the moment (until Sept 14) so you might find a really good deal there. It may still be a bit more expensive so it's up to whether you think it's worth paying that bit extra.

    One other thing to remember is that you can earn "Flying Club" miles with Virgin, which may be handy if you become a regular visitor to Couples as the miles your earn can go towards upgrades on future flights.

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    We found Thomson better than virgin & the upgrade to premium is well worth it.
    Service is A1..its also like being in a flying bar (gets you used to all inclusive.
    Main problem with Virgin was delays.
    If flying Virgin & u cant get premium economy, try getting an early shuttle to MoBay & checking in early & paying the extra 50 (ish) for exit seats, however don't book the window seat...there very little leg room.

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    I have flown both Thomson and virgin in economy and premium economy. For the small amount it costs with thomsoms I would definitely use them every time. You get a lot of leg room, entertainment on demand and free drinks so on essence it is like a schedule flight. Also you get premium check in desk as well. I think that thomsoms premium economy is as good as virgins but only a fraction of the price.

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    33" is pretty good for coach. Most coach seats are 31-32" and most economy plus/saver type sears are from about 34-38". Maybe you can upgrade to an exit row or something with more leg room?

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    thank everyone. We have already booked and paid for the flights with Thomson so I guess I will now try and book an upgrade to Premium (surprise to boyfriend). I dont want him to be uncomfortable for 9 hours. I'm sure it's about 150 per person per way so he may not get that luxury on the way home.

    thanks again.

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    You will not regret very well spent. Another advanatage of Thomson's is (or was) you fly earlier.

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