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    How is the gym and fitness classes at CSA? I've been in a fitness kick lately and I'm excited about the facilities and classes- any recommendations?

    Only 3 days left!!!!

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    The gym is decent, haven't taken any classes, but others have said they are nice and provide a good workout. A word of advice, go early to the gym. I mean 6 or 6:30 in the AM. It is an open air gym, which is nice, but it gets HOT early. Even early in the morning you will work up a lot of sweat. Personally, I like that. Others do not like to sweat a lot, my wife is one. But you will sweat, a lot, if you work out at CSA. They also provide towels and a big cooler of cold water is set up in the gym. Nice.

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    You will have a variety of classes to choose from. Plus too there will be a visiting pro onsite teaching classes @ 9am and then again in the afternoon around 5 pm. You'll have classes from body conditioning to low-impact, cycle and aqua. They also have a resident pro Donovan if you prefer to do personal training. Facilities are up-to-date and the group exercise room is now air conditioned!

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    CSA has the best athletic facility in the caribbean! You'll be very happy.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    The fitness center is fantastic!! The weights and equipment are in great shape and the tennis courts rock.

    The fitness classes, IMHO, range from palatable to just plain bad. I have yet to have a "fantastic" class. I don't do aerobics, but the yoga I have taken was either taught by someone who wasn't a yoga instructor (i.e. once a pilates instructor, and once a personal trainer) or it's just glorified stretching. The spin class last time I was there was disjointed, but passable. (and you can make any spin class a good workout if you try.)

    But Donovan is fantastic. (Wonderful personal trainer) and the Tennis Instructors are the best.

    Have a great trip!

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    Yes. They are good!

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    There is supposed to be a different group fitness and yoga/Pilates instructor weekly (i.e two visiting instructors and they teach on the weekdays) plus the resident instructors who teach weekends, provide personal training, and fill in when for some reason they are short an instructor. The yoga instructor is supposed to have a minimum 200 hour cert.--though maybe occasionally the yoga instructor didn't get booked or make it to the resort and a group fitness or Pilates instructor had to teach. Check over at the fitness center on or after Monday to see what the weekly line-up of classes is. Normally, there are about 5 classes per day, usually including yoga, Pilates, cycle and other aerobic and strength formats. I agree that Donovan is a great personal trainer and he teaches some group classes too.

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