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    I was just wondering if there are classes like yoga, spinning or cardio at the gym or is it come and use the equipment kind of gym?

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    It has both options that you refer too.

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    Thanks! Somedays, especially on vacation, I need that structured class to get me exercising. It's not as easy to slack off

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    Completely understand, and Michael who runs the gym will give you all the help and assistance you need, great guy!!

    Tell him Spike and Pete said hello we will be back on Feb 21st,2011!!!!
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    classes depend on the visiting instructor, both times we were there, there was a yoga class and abs/step classes about 4x' thru week usually a 9 am and 3 or 4 pm slot.
    There are no spin classes at CN I believe CSA has that as well as a better gym.

    There was a morning power beach walk once or twice a week.

    Something new i tried this year was tennis instruction and he put us through cardio tennis workouts, they were fun and a good sweat..
    I regularly spin and elliptical 4-5 x''s per week and I found the cardio tennis in the 9am heat was just as good for working up a sweat.

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    Can anyone tell me the equipment that CN has in their gym? I like the classes but also like the weights. Husband lifts weights so he is asking about the type of weight room equipment. Thanks everyone!

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    The gym has some cardio: elliptical, stepper, bike and treadmill. There are some free weights and dumbell sets, up to about 50 or 60 lbs on the dumbell sets.
    there is a universal bench press and stand alone bench and a universal for pull downs and triceps and curls.. There was a chest press, a seated row and I believe a fly. Also a leg press and a few assorted leg machines.
    They had a dip assembly for leg raises- crunches and to do tricep dips on. also a sit up station
    About the only thing missing and I keep writing it on comment cards is there should be a chin up/pull up bar. I used the bench press apparatus and set the bar on the highest level but had to really tuck my legs. If you are under 5ft 8in you could probably make it work to do chinups or pull ups.

    Randymon, Ive asked several times can we start a collection(lol) to put in a pullup bar at about 6.6-7 ft?

    the gym is well equipped and there are usually only a few guests there at any given time. Throughout the day its mostly empty and at night I never saw anyone there...most use is early morning it seems.

    keep up the workouts on vacation lets you have more guilt free..
    desert and drinks....


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    should also have added if your husband needs a workout partner Brian(watersports manager) is there almost every morning from about 5:30 or 6 till 7am. He works out on the weights and is great for a story or two.

    And there are two flat screen wall mount TV's above the cardio equipment, I set one to sports center and one to CNN, I would mute the volume on CNN and catch the sports..

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    There is everything you need for a good workout, but no spin bikes. That would be a great addition, even one or two, we don't need a full class of bikes like CSA.

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    Thanks PV and Spingirl. Sounds like a great gym, better than most hotels I've been at! I teach fitness bootcamp but like a varied routine that includes sometimes classes, other times weights etc. I am thinking of running along the beach - is that allowed? And PV you are absolutely right, need to feel guilt free for those desserts and drinks! BTW, what drinks do you usually get - I was thinking rum and coke would probably be the best choice for cutting done some calories - LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmctravel View Post
    . I am thinking of running along the beach - is that allowed? And - I was thinking rum and coke would probably be the best choice for cutting done some calories - LOL

    you can run the beach, about a mile, if you need more turn and repeat as necessary. One morning I ran along the highway towards Negril, made it as far as CSA had a look around then ran back it took about 45 minutes to an hr. The traffic wasn't bad it was about 7;00am on a Saturday..

    As for drinks I didnt worry about the calories neither did DW. Usually we drank beer and alternate with a water bottle, but had our fair share of Hummingbirds and dirty bananas. Also liked rum cream , with milk, kahlua and ice. I didnt gain any weight, my wife lost any she gained after a week back at our home gym. I think the workouts on vacation help with that.

    Enjoy the food and drinks its vacation .


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    Thanks PV - I think I will run the beach a few times each morning before working out. Your right, we are on vacation so I guess we can splurge on the cocktails. I want to try a dirty banana - sounds delicious! We leave in a a few weeks - can't wait! Thanks again.

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