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    Default Restaurants at CSA

    I have read the Couples website about all of the restaurants at CSA but I was wondering if anyone could give me a breakdown of which ones require reservations and dress codes, what meals they serve... We will be traveling with 4 other couples and possible 2 more in May and I have somehow become the ring leader. LOL. Also I would love to here recommendations on dishes!

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    Default Resevations

    I know Feathers requires a reservation always. From what I have read the last couple of weeks is that Patios Patio reqires a reservation now.

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    When we were there in June, Lemongrass required reservations. I'm hoping Patois' requiring reservations is just seasonal as I'll be back in November and love that I can eat there whenever the urge strikes.
    You MUST try the banana stuffed french toast at Patois for breakfast. It's one of the things I'm most looking forward to on my return trip!

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    Thank you. How far in advance should we make reservations? Do they accept them before you arrive?

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    Make your reservations as soon as you check in at the resort. Also, sign up for the cat cruise then. It fills up fast.

    Life is good

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    You can't make reservations for any of the restaurants prior to check-in. You can book Lemongrass and Feathers (and I guess Patois Patio for dinner for the time being) 3 days in advance. We usually make a reservation for Feathers right after we check in (we stop at the concierge desk in the lobby).

    As far as some of your other questions, Feathers is dressy - I usually wear a summer dress and Bob wears khakis, a collared shirt, and closed-toe shoes. I have seen them turn guests away who were wearing shorts at Feathers. Definitely try the dessert tower at Feathers - it is fabulous!

    It is a bit more casual at Lemongrass - I wear capris and a nice top, Bob will wear either khakis or dressy shorts. Everyone (including us) seems to love the appetizer sampler at Lemongrass. If you can get an early reservation, you can hopefully watch the sunset from Lemongrass' verandah.

    The Palms is causual for dinner, although not t-shirt and gym shorts casual. I love the pasta station and salad bar for dinner, although we also order off of the ala carte menu. Be sure to check out the martini bar upstairs from the Palms before dinner!

    Patois Patio has the best pizzas with a caribbean twist. We usually wear nice shorts and tops to Patois for dinner.

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    Hi photochick5,
    No, CSA doesn't accept dinner reservations before you arrive (other than for the private dinner on the beach).
    When you arrive, in the main lobby is the concierge desk. You can stop right then and make your reservations for the week.
    Hope that helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by photochick5 View Post
    Thank you. How far in advance should we make reservations? Do they accept them before you arrive?
    It's best to make them on arrival, they don't accept them in advance.

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    Feathers and Lemongrass both require reservations. We made reservations the day we arrived for early in the week so we could try our favorites again. I loved them both but Lemongrass was my favorite. Patois was never crowded so we ate there twice and loved it too. We snacked alot at the cabana grill during the day. I have a patty obsession and I wish they were available at night!!

    Remember that the beach party is one night and if you wanna do a private dinner you should reserve that early too.

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    Thanks everyone! Ok just to clarify the only restaurant my husband will have to wear long pants and closed toed shoes to is Feathers? The last resort we went to required him to wear long pants everywhere except the buffet and he was not very happy. I understand dressing nice but it is the tropics and long pants get hot he usually wears nice khaki shorts and a polo or button up! Is dinner the only meal we would need reservations for? Sorry for all the questions! I must seem pretty dense but Couples will be our first resort that offers more than just a buffet or snack bar for lunch and breakfast and they have all had limits on the number of nights we could eat at the ala carte restaurants. We are very excited! Anyone know what night the beach party is? Do they serve dinner or is it just a dance? We will be there in May which I know isn't the busiest time so hopefully we will not have any trouble getting into the restaurants we want. I have looked over the menus and everything looks great!

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    Feathers is the only restaurant where your husband will be required to wear slacks. You do not need to make reservations for any meal other than dinner. The beach party is on Friday evening and they have an enormous buffet with over a dozen food stations. Don't miss the coffee station for after dinner - there are all sorts of wonderful coffee drinks that they can make for you.

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    photochick5 please checkout Seagrapes on the beach for lunch or a snack early in your trip. We loved their daily exotic food specials. The sweet potato chips and dips are an awesome appetizer.

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    Thank you all! We are booking this week!

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    We just got back last Friday and all of the restaurants require reservations for dinner except The Palms. Patios I believe is only a seasonal thing, but it's not a problem getting in. Also, even though they say you need to make the reservations 3 days out for Feathers and Lemongrass, we got into Lemongrass same night. I know occupancy is kind of low right now, so maybe that attributed to the ease of reservations, but I would just stop by the conceirge desk after you check in. The biggest thing I learned on this vacation is that they really mean "no problem mon." If they can physically accomodate you, they will.

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