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    Default CN anniversary theme for 2010?

    Does anyone know what the theme for the anniversary party is this year? It's usually announced by now but I'm only finding last year's information. Thanks!

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    The theme at Couple Negril's anniversary party on October 9 is "Old Hollywood".

    Couples Resorts

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    Any info on the Anniversary Party at CSA? Thanks!!! 23 days and counting!!

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    thank you so much for the info! Now, do you have any suggestions for dressing for the party? A couple of years ago they suggested white or green but old hollywood may be a little more difficult to figure out!

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    For the girl, think Marilin Monroe, for the gent, think Clark Gable.

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    OH!! This sounds like SOOO much fun!! But we're JUST going to miss it! Booo! We are getting married the 10th and will be on the Beach at CN on the 12th...have a great time at the party! Would LOVE to see pics!!

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    I was thinking about a 'flapper' type outfit too. I'm trying to find something that's not too much of a costume and more of a dressy outfit. I wish I had been there for the fire and ice theme last year..that sounded like fun!

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