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    Default Welp... It's official!

    My fiance and I are offically doing the double digit dance!!! 99 days until we leave for CSA!! We booked all the way back in August 2009--its been a long long wait... 99 days feels like nothin now!!

    We will be there 12/17-12/24, and getting married on the 20th. Anybody else?

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    We're in the single digits here. We leave for CN in seven days for our 18th trip to Couples and 14th trip to CN. We were last there in March and cannot wait to return.
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    Pamela, I am jealous. We are about 63 days out so getting close to being within two months. Enjoy your trip...Surah...hope you have a great time too and congratulations on the upcoming wedding. A beautiful way to start a life together.

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    So exciting! We're almost at the double digits (to CTI/CSS). Congrats on your upcoming wedding! It will be amazing

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    We are at 91 days. Exactly 3 months from today we will be at CN for the third time. We went in December 2008 for 7 nights to celebrate our 25th anniversary. I had planned this trip for about 5 years (no exaggeration) and it was supposed to be a "once in a lifetime" trip; it was the honeymoon we never had. My husband willingly went along with my plans, but if it were up to him, we would have gone somewhere else. Well, we both fell in love with CN and while we were there decided we HAD to go back the following year. We made it back last December for 7 nights and decided while we were there that we HAD to go back the following year, but for longer. So, we are headed back this December for 9 nights and are already talking about going back in December 2011. It has gotten to the point that looking forward to our CN vacation keeps us sane during the rest of the year. 91 more days til Paradise!!!!

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    My husband and I renewed our vows on 12/20/08 on our 5 year anniversary at CSA.

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    Default 8 weeks

    we are only 8 weeks out and can't wait, good luck to all

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    Beautiful pix...nine more days to celebrate our 35th at CSA. Soon come! Thanks for sharing.
    One Love.

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    We are only 20 days until our first trip to CN. Renewing our vows on our 10th Anniversary on October 5th. So excited...cannot wait :-)

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    Default Us Too!!

    We just hit the 90 day mark today. My husband Matt and I will be in Jamaica Dec 16th-24th. We will be at CSA Dec 20th-24th!! So excited. Only 3 months away!!! Suhrah-Looks like we will be there at the same time! How old are you guys? We are 24 and 30.

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