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    What is the policy for the au natural section? Can you use the beach grill and sunset bar while clothed?

    Thank You

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    The bar and grill at SSB close before or just at the time that the AuNatural policy ends each day, therefore, you must be nude to partake of them. This policy prevents the gawkers from coming over to SSB.

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    Clothing not optional before 5:00 PM. Clothing optional after 5:00 PM.
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    Until 5pm you must be nekked to be on sunset beach. After 5pm all are welcome.

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    As I remember, no one is clothed while at SSB at the bar or the grill. That was one of the nice features--you didn't have to dress to grab lunch or to get a drink.


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    Quote Originally Posted by zaraforty View Post
    What is the policy for the au natural section? Can you use the beach grill and sunset bar while clothed?

    Thank You
    We are newbies and will be there in November, however, I have learned that you can visit the au naturel beach and bars fully clothed (as I will be) after 5pm. This allows time for all to experience the fabulous sunsets which can be viewed from Sunset Beach.

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    Nope. The entire area is reserved for AN. It opens to clothed people at 5:00 pm, but the bar and grill close at that time.

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    Nope. From the website:

    Couples Sans Souci has a small bay (called Sunset Beach) dedicated for au natural sunbathing. There is a pool, Jacuzzi, bar and grill. Please note that the Sunset Beach is open to all guests starting at 5:00pm for viewing the often spectacular sunsets.

    All au natural areas are NOT clothing optional therefore no clothing is allowed.

    Surprised that this question keeps popping up. Couples is pretty clear about it.

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    It should be noted, however, that you're not "losing out" on anything, culinarily speaking. The menu at the Sunset grill is just a slightly pared down version of what's available at the beach grill. They sometimes bring over hot dishes and salads at lunch, but they are the same selections available at the Palazzina.

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