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    Default Bugs at CSA in November

    We went to CSA in Oct. 2000; they sprayed every night and there were no bugs. We went back in Oct. 2005; they turned green, no spraying and the sand fleas were horrible. Is it still that bad? We're going back in November this time.

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    We went last November & they ate me up. Didn't bother my husband though. I just avoided the beach in the late evening & at night. No biggie for us...we found all the other night life enjoyable

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    My husband and I are currently at CSA and we haven't seen any bugs other than the occasional fly. The first morning we were here we went down onto the beach while they were raking and I got bit by a couple of sand fleas but that was the only time we've seen any. It's been rainy too so I'm pleasantly surprised. We haven't had to pull out the bug spray at all.

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    We've been at CSA in early December for the last 4 years. We have never experienced a single bug bite. Now, in all fairness, we don't wander around the beach, etc. at night. However, we have gone to the beach party and sat there for several hours....still, no bug bites. Hopefully this helps. It can't hurt to rub yourself down with something in the evening-night. Have a wonderful's the best.

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    It was really bad for us in April. I had bites all over my body, including on my face. That was awesome since it was my wedding.

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    We went in November and I got bit my sand fleas. My husband didn't have one bite. I should have used the Off that I brought with me, but didn't. There are also bees around the bars and soda machines. Just avoided them. With the flag sevice, you don't even have to go get a drink.

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    I went to CSA last December. We have gone to CSA the same week for the last four years. Every trip I am covered with bites by the third day! I even sprayed myself with bug spray daily. My husband, on the other hand has not been bit once! I think it is like mosquitos in the US. Some people get bit often while others are left alone. I was told the best remedy for sand fleas is Avon sun and bug(?) spray, tea tree oil, and an all natural bug spray that is sold in the gift shops at the resorts (I don't remember the name). She told me that she used to get bit so much by the sand fleas that she would have to get medical attention. She used the three products the last time she went and only got two bites.

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    My wife LOVES the bug spray they sell there, but I seem to remember it being expensive? I'll bring stuff I guess. BTW who ARE you people who can go here every year?!?!?!? I am way too jealous of that. Thanks for the input.

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    We can't manage to go EVERY year either, but we do try to go at least every other year. The Love Away plan really helps us out and we always try to catch a Wednesday deal. We'd all be amazed at how much we probably dwindle $ away without ever realizing it, so we pay ourselves (savings) first, Couples comes in second, and then we budget for our other expenses.

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    We go in December and I always get bitten, hubby never does and I react very badly!!! To be fair if I am careful with regards to using a DEET based product I'm fine.

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    Thanks for all your replies. I am going ARMED and ready for battle. 7 days til paradise!

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    We were there in June/July and I used Avon Skin So Soft after every shower and only got a total of 3 bites. Highly recommend!

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    twin6mike - have a great time, and please don't worry too much about the bug bites - we'll be at CSA over Thanksgiving, so maybe we'll see you there!


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    The only "bugs" we deal with in Nov/Dec is bees. They are all over the place. But they leave you alone if you leave them alone.

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