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    I would like to know if every room has a hammock at CSA? We will stay there in January 2011 and now we are looking for the "best" room :-)


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    I think just the Atrium suites have the hammocks and you will find them scattered under the palms along the beach.Also the best room is the one We are staying in. Counting down to trip #4 to CSA April 2011!

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    Only the Atriums rooms have hammocks.

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    I know the Atrium Suites have hammocks and we loved ours.. As far as the "best" room, if you are at CSA the one you walk into when you arrive is the best... Enjoy your stay ..

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    Sorry Marinchen not all rooms have a hammock. I'm pretty sure only the Atrium suites have them unless things have changed since 2008.

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    Thank you very much for your answers! We will take the Atrium :-) Yeah...Jamaica we are coming!!

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