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    Default Our csa and weddingmoon review

    This is our review of our stay at our new home from Aug 21st - Aug 28th with our beach wedding on the 23rd. It was just the two of us and could not have been anymore perfect.
    First of all, thanks to my beautiful wife who three years ago agreed to go on a date with me and then a year later said said when I asked her to be my wife. Without her, nothing I do or have become would ever be possible. Thanks Amanda, love you Easter Bunny!
    Second of all, thanks to the Couples corporation who has provided all of us this message board as a place where we can share thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. We both have killed countless hours at work (don't tell our bosses) reading, sometimes crying, and dreaming of our special day. Thanks to the regular posters, Chris, Razzlazzleme, Tommywommy and Peggyweggy, Pamela, Crabracer, Ricie, BiKittykathy, just to name a few, who have lended and continue to lend their "expertise" to those of us that have questions, many of them the same ones over and over. THANK YOU!
    I won't get into the flight, or going through imigration or the bus ride as I fell as if these things are just part of the experience and Couples has zero control over.

    We finally arrived "home" on Satuday at about 3pm beinig greeted with smiles, cold towels and a cold drink. The ladies were ushered into the check in desk while the guys identified the luggage. At check in we were helped by Lenise who spent some time with us trying to find an Atrium room that would give us the best beach view possible (yes there are some). We had a second floor room and it was absolutely perfect! We were ushered off to our room in about 20 min.

    As I stated, we had a second floor atrium. These rooms are perfect. No, they are not full of marble and yes you may see a little sand in them, but you are in Jamaica! I wouldn't want the room any other way. The dark wood shutters contrasting the white walls with the dark orange floor tile, the new tile in the bathroom, the newly installed fridge and minibar (this was an added perk since when we booked this not not even an option in the Atrium room), and lets not forget about the veranda with the hammock. You can not and will not go wrong with this room. The AC worked great and we even got to the point of being cold at night!
    On Sunday the room below us opened up and I loved this room even more. It had a better view of the beach/ocean, and I really loved the quaint pathway through the palms leading up to the veranda. I called the front desk and talked to Corine and asked if we could switch. Guess what we were told, NO PROBLEM ! She even asked if she could have our luggage moved for us. We told them we would move it ourselves since they were already going out of their way! This room was made to be a "honeymoon suite".

    Sunday morning we met with Alisha and Prescella to go over our arangements for our beach wedding. We gave them our songs that we had on our cd, picked flowers, cake and sand ceremony and they made sure someone would be at the salon early Monday morning to do Amanda's hair and makeup. We wanted to have her dress and my suit steamed, and Alisha made sure this happend. Everything is closed on Sunday so she made sure the cleaners picked them up early Monday morning and got them back to the resort. Alisha and Prescella then hand delivered our clothes to us! These ladies are class acts!
    Monday came, we had breakfast delivered to room (on time), and then I took her over to the salon where we said our goodbyes until we saw each other again on the beach to become Husband and Wife. I checked with Alisha and the clothes were running a little behind, but no worries. Off to the internet lounge I went to kill time. Before I knew it my suit was being handed to me it was time to get dressed and time to marry my love.
    We chose 10am for the colors of the water and sky and because maybe it would be a little bit cooler. It was gorgeous but it was HOT! They say it was the hottest day they had had. Once the music started the rest really was a blur. The great Lionel Rose performed our ceremony and even tailored it to fit our personalities. One of the best highlights was Teno from the entertainment staff who voluntered to sing at our wedding. Talk about rock star treatment! Thanks also to the couple from New Jersey (sorry I forgot your names to many Bob Marley shots) who took time out of their own day to take pictures with our camera. Other couples helping couples! We had the resort do the DVD of our wedding and we hired the very tallented Stacey Clarke to do our pictures. Not only is she a true professional we now consider her a dear friend. Thank you so much Stacey!

    We ate at all the restaurants that are on the resort. While Feathers was nice for our wedding night we actually preferred Lemongrass. The food is great at both, but we did like the atmosphere of Lemongrass better. Patios is ok. The food isnt bad but the service there seemed to be a little off. The Cabanna Grill is great for catching a snack. Seagrapes is wonderful. The fish tacos, sweet potato chips and Jamaican sushi are not to be missed. The majority of the time we ate at the Palms. Although it is buffet style, the food is really good and thought the service was even better. Watch out for the Jerk shrimp on beach party night. It is delicious but it needs to come with a heat warning!

    These individuals are some of the true back bone of your amazing stay. Not only do they work more hours in a single day than most of us ever would but they always do it with a smile on their face making sure you are having the best possible time. To Teno, you will always be remember in our hearts, pictures and our DVD of the wedding. You truely went above and beyond the call of duty. To Akeem, thanks for always making us laugh and I still look forward to us singing our duet. If you ever want to play more blackjack give me a call. To Duewayne, Amanda said she will dance with you anytime! And to Ultimate Chocolate, what can be said that has not been said about you before. Two weeks later we are still trying to "give love, give love" to people around us. These three individuals are one of the reasons we will be coming back to CSA.

    The bars are perfect and everyone does a great job in not only serving you drinks but making you laugh and smile. I think these people even enjoy your vacation with you. To Winston at the Martini bar and Terello at the main bar, thank you. A smile still comes across our faces when we think about the laughs we shared together. To Horatio at the sunset beach bar, WHAA GWAAN!!! We miss you and im looking forward to teaching you how to bartend some more. Amanda said there is no "blank" to fill in (inside joke here). Thank you!

    We did our comp 30 minute massage and loved it so much we went back the next day and did a couples 50 minute massage with the soaking tub afterwards. Make sure you go early in your stay so you dont have any sunburn. Wanda and Joy truely have magical hands and helped make feel like a bride and groom.

    These are the real attractions here. The island is beautiful with the beautiful colors of the water lapping against seven mile beach. Taking your floatie out into the ocean relaxing on the bed of gentle waves while the mother sun kisses the skin on your body. Not a better way to relax. A down side though is everythign is so relaxing that the plans we had to do things got thrown staright out into the ocean and swam away because we did nothing at all! It was perfect!
    They say "Once you go you will know", well now that we have been, we do know. We know that our new home will be a home we visit many times again. We dream that it "Soon Come".
    If you have any questions don't be afarid to ask.
    Please enjoy our wedding slideshow.

    With Love and Respect
    Jason and Amanda Loukota

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    Wow looked like a great wedding... so glad you enjoyed your stay there .... congrats and many years of blessings to you and your new wife...

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    Great review & beautiful pictures.

    Congratulations to you both.

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    Great review and your pictures are unbelievable. Congratulations and best wishes in your married life.

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    What a great slideshow. You both looked like you had so much fun that day. Now I'm interested in doing something similar for my wife. Do you know if you can arrange a similar event if you want to renew your wedding vows? How long does it take roughly? How much does it cost? What is the name of the artist/song in your slideshow? Loved the song. What room(s) did you stay in? We are booked to go to CSA in March 2011.


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    Congratulations Jason & Amanda and welcome to the madness of being a Couples loyalist. Your pictures are beautiful and it's more than obvious you 2 are very much in love. And that's all good in our opinion. Am so happy you were able to enjoy your encounters w/some of our favorite CSA folks too! Horatio's a total hoot, isn't he... If by chance we meet on your/our next return to paradise(Sunset Bar - April 2011) we'll buy you a wedding cocktail! Oh & thanks for the shout out! Razzl

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    Oh my gosh...what a beautiful wedding video!! (My husband and I will be celebrating our 35th on Sept. 21 at CSA...our 6th visit...and can't wait!) May you both have many many years of health, happiness and prosperity and may you both be surrounded by love always!!
    Best Wishes,
    Donna and Joe

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    Stacey Clarke is wonderful! She did our wedding pictures back in 2008.

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    Thanks to everyone on the congratulations ! Razzl we wont be there in April but we will take you up one day on the wedding cocktail. Donna, congrats to you and Joe for 35 years. May you have many more to follow.
    Steve, yes you can arrange a vow renewal with the resort. Visit the wedding section from the home page and many of your questions will be answered. Also email the stateside wedding coordinator. The cost of the wedding was free as we stayed a week (we did do a few upgrades which have an added cost). The entire wedding was maybe only 20 minutes long. The song is "Smile" by Uncle Cracker. As for the Atrium rooms, wont give away our room number (we want it again) but I will tell you to ask for a room that is close to the Palms restaurant but where you still can see the ocean. We paid extra for the amazing Stacey Clarke (worth every penny and then some) and booked her for three hours. You can email her from her website and she is very quick with responding.

    Love and Respect
    Jason and Amanda Loukota

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    Congratulations on your wedding. It looked like a perfect day! The pictures are beautiful. I am so glad to see such a review as yours. I am so tired of seeing reviews of people complaining of trivial things and don't know how lucky they are to get the chance to experience Jamaica. You seem like a special couple. My son and his beautiful soon to be wife will be getting married there next year. I only hope they have such a great experience as you did.

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    Default jasonamanda- now...Mr. & Mrs.

    WOW...awesome video, loved the fact that you actually got in the water and played! Very cool! I was going to ask you to divulge your room number...sounds like your Atrium suite is what we are looking for, for Feb. 2011, but I won't. Instead, I made a note of asking for the room close to the Palms where one could still see the ocean. Thank you for the "tip" and most of all, CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes to you both!!!

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    I just can't let this one pass......your slideshow is AWESOME!!! Those are the most beautiful pictures and put together superbly....absolutely beautiful. I hope you'll always be as happy as you were on your special day.
    CTI - Nov 06, Mar 11, Feb 12
    CSS - Sep 07, Sep 11, Sep 14
    CNG - Sep 08, Feb 09, Sep 09, Nov 10, Sep 12
    CSA - Jun 13

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    Congratulations, Jason & Amanda. I really loved the slideshow. You both look like u had an amazing time. You both look like u really love each other. When u have a disagreement, I want u to look at this slideshow and remember the love u both had on this day.

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    Gorgeous pictures and such a beautiful day! The slideshow is great!

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    Congrats! Your pictures are beautiful. We are getting married there next May and have also booked Stacey! After seeing your slide show I want to get married NOW!

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    Beautiful pictures!! We are planning to go to CSA or CN next year for our 20th anniversary. I hope you have many wonderful years together!!

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    OMG....I know my husband already commented on this post, but this post actually brought tears to my eyes!!! We had the same minister and photographer!!! We got married in July of 2008 and are getting ready to return to CSA in one week!!!! Stacey was the best photographer! Love her!!! I'll have to check out your pics!

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    Thanks for everyones' kind word and congratulations! This is just one of the many reasons we will return!
    Redsoxnation - I know your son and his soon to be wife will have a beautiful time, and we truly are blessed to have had our wedding in Jamaica.
    Warmweather - With what you made note of you will be very close to "our special home".
    CSABride - Congratulations on your May wedding. CSA and Stacey really do rock. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask.
    Jenpatrick - Thanks again. Please tell Horatio "Whaa Gwaan !" for us. And tell Ultimate Chocolate that Neil Diamond from two weeks age is trying to come back soon.

    Thanks to Couples and Everyone.

    Respect and Soon Come
    Jason and Amanda Loukota

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    that was beautiful, thanks for sharing...I wish we could have done something like that when we were married.
    enjoy each other, stay in love...everyday should be like that first married day.....


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    Default Thank you!

    Thanks you so much for your detailed review! Dan and I are in the process of booking our "weddingmoon" and your information was very helpful. Your pictures are amazing! I just e-mailed Stacey to see if she had any openings. Congrats on begining your lives together as husband and wife!

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