We've only been to CSA so far, where there was a beach party but no gala. So now that we're going to CTI and CSS, I am curious about the gala, as there's no mention of them under dining for CTI, and only a brief mention under dining for CSS.

First, CTI - What the difference between the gala and the beach party? Is it just that the beach party has tables on the sand and the gala tables by the pool? Or is the beach party more casual and the gala more formal, as far as attire goes? Both appear to be buffet style, correct? Do they have entertainment like at CSA?
The repeater's dinner is the same night at the beach party, so I wonder if we'd miss out not going to the beach party, since we could still go to the gala?

Second, CSS - I've seen photos of the gala on the lawn and it appears to be more elegant than a beach party, correct? So is their beach party on the sand and more casual? Again, both are buffet? Do they have entertainment like at CSA?

Oh ya, one more thing... Repeaters dinners at CTI and CSS... Where are they held?