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    Just wondering about the atv tours. We are going to CN for the fifth time in March 2011. We are ready to do some off resort stuff. Can anyone tell me the price, distance and how long the actual tour is?
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    We went on the ATV tour when we stayed at CSA. We booked it at the hotel and it was $70 a person., this was in Novemeber 2009. It was through Chukka tours, and the ATV, horesback riding was at the same place. The ATV held 2 people,my husband drove. It was the best tour we had ever done on vacation. We went to the top of a mountain, and our guide was great. There we a total of 6 ATVs in our group. The trip took a total of maybe 4 hours, but I could be wrong about that. Ask the girls at the tour desk. You will love it!

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    Unfortunately, I don't remember the details, but I did do the ATV excursion and it was a BLAST! I think it's about $50 or $60 a person. It was really fun.

    We went through some beautiful hills. Made a pit stop for some drinks,scenery and jamaican history. Then we continued on to Dunn's River Falls to wash off the dirt.

    It was a blast! This was a few years ago, which is why the details are shakey. The itinerary may be different, but it was a blast! We are actually going to CTI in a couple of weeks and thinking about doing it again!

    So GO!

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    I don't remember how much the atv's were. Maybe around $100 per person. I know the drive is only a little ways. It starts from the same location as the horseback riding tour. Just different trails. And I know, out of 2 visits and 5 excursions, the atv tour was the most amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat. From what I can remember it was 1-2 hours and you go up into the mountains and we got to visit some children in their school class. It was amazing and I think everyone should do it. I had never road an atv alone before and I loved it and drove it just fine.

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    One more question about the ATV tours. How long does it take to get to the location from CN?
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    do they have this at CTI also??

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    I think the ride from CSA was 30 minutes but I'm not exactly sure. The tour reservation desk at the hotel can give you exact details. Have fun!

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