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    Default Help With Song Jamaica Sweet Jamaica...

    Last year almost every place we went from Mobay airport to CTI we heard a song playing. I have searched to find it to put on my ipod to no avail...The "hook" of the song went "Jamaica, Sweet Jamaica, come explore our culture, you'll love it like no other, Oh Jamaica sweet Jamaica etc." ...This song was a full band with horns and very powerful vocals with kind of a "pop" reggae sound. It sounded as if it could or should have been a tourism song, but was very professionally done. Can anyone give me the artist of this song so I can add it to my ipod? Thanks,.

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    I'm fairly certain I know (sort of) the song you're referring to...there were so many remakes here though, I don't know right now the original artist nor actual song title...will see if I can shake it loose from the memory banks. In the meantime, try youtube....type into the search box in the music section as many of the key words as you can...or some of the more unique phrases...or just "Sweet Jamaica". You may not come up with the exact cut (not sure if there is a video of the song you want)'ll have a ton of music links and artists to check out...enough to keep you busy for days, and you may discover a whole new set of songs or artists to download to your Jamaican ipod library.

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    The song you are looking for is called Come to Jamaica by Richie Stephens. We found it on itunes. Enjoy!

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    Default Thank You Road Gypsy

    I should have included in my posting that that utube was the very first thing I did. Oddly enough, nothing turned up at least not the tune I was searching for. There were MANY variations on the theme of "Jamaica, Sweet Jamaica" but not the right one !! It sounds as if it could be a "tourism song" but I tried to search "tourism songs" and also couldn't find the song I'm looking for. This may require the help of one of our Jamaican brothers and sisters, but thank you for the response. Come on now Couples friends, brothers and sisters, HELP ME !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr2cool96 View Post
    . Thank You Road Gypsy
    This may require the help of one of our Jamaican brothers and sisters...
    fwiw, Road Gypsy lives in Jamaica, but I'm guessing Bob and Tracy is correct about the Richie Stephens song.
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    Default That's The One

    Thnank you Bob and Tracy. That was exactly what I was looking for. It will soon be loaded to my ipod.

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    Default wow!

    I had not heard this before. I found it on youtube. The video made me really "homesick"! Wish I was there. Only 3 months tomorrow but who is counting???

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    I hadn't heard that one either. Thanks for adding another one to the playlist. Another good one is "You're my Jamaica" by Charley Pride

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    My favorite will always be "West Jamaica" by Toots and the Maytals! It never fails to make me laugh and smile!

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