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    Default Married at CTI Nov 4th

    Hello out there I am new to this message board and new to CTI. Getting married on Nov. 4th (trip from the 1st to the 8th). We are in our mid thirties and really looking forward to our vaca/wedding/honeymoon. Any others out there getting hitched or visiting early Nov? Thanks, Theresa

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    Hello Theresa and congratulations in advance of your nuptials. My wife and I arrive on the 4th so we may miss your wedding as we will not hit the resort until after 2pm. There are a whole group of people coming in early November, you just have to go to the link called "Official November 2010 Thread" or something like that LOL... You'll see it posted just ahead of your post. You will be in Jamaica mon and all of us love to see and participate in a wedding. The group that we meet up with will be on the island unless we get booted by you damn tuxedo/gown clad people getting married LOL...( forget about a 5pm island day for the 4th guys and gals) ... But either way, you will love CTI and rest assured that you made a good choice and will make plenty of friends there. You will start planning your anniveraries for return trips to Couples.
    Best Wishes, and look forward to a congratulatory drink whether on the island or the mainland. Respect, Tom and Peggy

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    Well it is nice to hear from you Tom and Peggy Don't worry, we are not stuffy tux peeps...pretty chill just looking to have fun and maybe meet some great people along the way. Looking forward to meeting everyone! Thanks for the congrats...see ya there. Theresa and Ryan

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    Default november

    Susan & Stefan will be going to TI for our first time from Nov. 2-7 for our 5 yr. anniversary. Looks like a pretty cool place to get married. Congrats on that!

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