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    Default Needing Secret Rendezvous Help!

    Hi All! I have been reading the boards for months now in anticipation for our honeymoon, so thanks to everyone for posting such great information. We haven't booked yet; we'll be getting married 2 weeks from Saturday and plan to book the trip just after that for the end of November into early December. I've been reading a lot about the Secret Rendezvous and I think we may end up booking that way. I've read that most folks who have booked that end up staying at either CSS or CTI, which is perfect for us because those were the 2 resorts I was sort of torn between.

    I guess my only concern with doing the SR is...what if we get there and dislike the room type we're given? A good-sized balcony and nice view are really important to us. I've read that the service at Couples is excellent (which is great because I'm in the hospitality industry and while I'm very understanding, good service is a MUST for me). Do you all think that if we asked for a different room type, would we be accommodated if available? Any other tips or insights about the Secret Rendezvous would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Starlight;
    If I were you I would book it right now while the deal is so good! From what I understand, if you do not like the room you could pay for an upgrade which is usually minimal. Good friends of ours booked a gardenview at CTi and did not care for it. They were staying for 10 days and it only cost them 200 to upgrade to a superior ocean. No matter which resort you get, you will love Couples!

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