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    Default Dunn's River Falls Excursion

    Heading out to CSS 10/8 thru 10/13. Can anyone tell me how long we'll be away from the resort when we go to the falls? Want to plan it for a day when we won't be missing too much at the resort. Thanks in advance for all your input!

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    You leave at about 10 AM and return to CSS before 1 PM Try to go on a day when no cruiseships on in port in Ocho Rios. At that time Dunn's river falls will not be crowded.
    Also avoid the craft village as you depart the falls for the parking lot. That will allow you to avoid a horrible experience with some very aggressive Jamaicans
    On Sunday mornings the craft viallge is closed to allow the workers attend church

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    Default Sunday Is Our Day!

    Thank You Richli2 for your info. I've been to the falls before & yes the craft vendors can be over powering. I wasn't aware that they weren't there on Sundays....looks like thats the day we're going!

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    I didn't find the craft village to be all that bad, annoying yes but not awful. The people at the kiosks at the pentagon city mall are much worse then the village at dunns river. that said i'm going to try and work my way back out through the entrance next time to avoid them

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    That's good advice, I was wondering which day we should plan to be there....Looks like Sunday is the winner! I'm happy I decided to join this forum, it has been very educational! I look forward to meeting you Sugarnspice! 36 days to go...37 for you and we are beyond excited!!!

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    Hi CJ101010!
    Looking forward to meeting you also. I have a tread going on Meet Couples/CSS. Its like a meet & greet for anyone going to CSS the second week in October. Join in....see ya there & at the falls. Looks like we're going on the quiet day!

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    Hey SugarnSpice an CJ101010 we will be going to the falls on Sunday, Oct 10th. We will be at CTI. Maybe see you there.

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    Default Meet At Couples

    Hi again sugarnspice! I saw you on there I have a few posts on the second page of that thread. I was hoping by joining that I could get some helpful hints. It has made me more excited then ever. I was just looking at all the pictures from the photo contest and they just add to the excitment! I love the idea of this forum, it give us a chance to chat with everyone we will be chillin with. This will be our first time as well...we booked a 1 bedroom beachfront suite so i'm hopeing to hear about what they are like. 35 days and counting!

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    We went on a Sunday, and the craft market was definitely open. The Falls themselves are better on Sundays because, generally, there are no cruise ships in port that day. Also, CSS's time is pretty early in the day, so we found the Falls to be very uncrowded, compared to pictures we've seen and accounts from others who'd been (either from cruise ships or other resorts). The craft market was in full swing, though, with its aggressive merchants.

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