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    Default Information & Activity Sheet for CSA?

    Does anyone happen to have one of these from CSA? We received a very detailed brochure in our envelope upon check-in at CN and would like one for CSA in advance. It lists the daily activities, hour by hour, restaurants w/times, water sport activities, etc. It's very informative. Thanks in advance!
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    Hi warmweatherfriend. We were at CN from 8/16-8/24 and did trading places one day, so I have the CSA brochures. I'll need to pdf them, but shoot me an email (jbassett7 at and I'll send them your way.

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    Default CSA activities

    I do from our trip in March.
    Send me your e-mail address and I will scan and e-mail to you.

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    Default Information & Activity Sheet for CSA

    Hi warmweatherfriend. I have this and can send it as a pdf by email. Shoot me an email (jbassett7 at and I'll send them your way.

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    Default Activity sheet

    We are going in June, would you mind sending us a copy also...

    Thank you..

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    We are leaving for CSA on the 20th and I would love a copy before we head out...if someone would be so wonderful as to send me a copy at

    Thanks to all my couples friends

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    Default UpstateNYer

    Hi there! I did send an e-mail to you...just checking to see if you received it or not. I used the following e-mail address:

    Is that correct? Thank you!!!

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    Each resort has it's own page with all of the information you're looking for. Just click above on the resort you are going to and you can scroll down to "activities", "dining", "whats included" etc.

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    If you do PDF it I would love copies as well.....

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    If you have a copy for CSA I'd love one!

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    warmweatherfriend, I would love a copy of them also. My email is Thanks for your help. Margi

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    Could you please also e-mail it ot me

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    HEY YA"LL I am doing the single digit dance We will be there (CSA) in 9 days!!! Hey Margi will someone email me a copy as well, please?

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    I would love a copy as well-warmweatherfriend, -
    here is my email-


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    If it's not too much trouble, would someone please forward it to me as well? Thanks!!

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