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    I know this is a question that has been asked on here many times... Wife and I are leaning towards CSA, but also CN is also very highly reccomended on here... Can anyone that has been to both, give us some insight on the difference in the properties or why they prefer on over the other...

    Planning out couples stay for 9 days in 06/11

    Thank you
    Kerry and Laura

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    Which resort to choose is the single most frequently asked question on the MB. Each resort is unique, and each has attributes that make people call it their favorite. We've been to all four of the resorts, and CN is our favorite, but there are many on this MB who prefer CSA.

    While the resorts are different, Couples fosters a similar atmosphere at each. Don't be swayed by posts from people who claim that one resort is more relaxing, more romantic, more active, more social, or more [insert adjective here]. The vibe can change from week to week as couples (or groups ) come and go. You can have as relaxing and romantic a time, as social a time, or as active a time as you choose at any one of the four Couples Resorts.

    If you've spent time looking at information on the web site concerning accommodation and dining options and looking at photos on the photo tours, panoramic views, and guest photos on the photos mega thread on this MB and if CSA is the resort that appeals to you the most, then that is the resort that you should choose.

    The only difference that might be a factor for you in choosing between CN and CSA is that CN has an au naturel beach, whereas CSA does not. If you enjoy nude sunbathing or want to try it, you do so at CN but not CSA.
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