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    Default Opinions on which Beachfront Suite is the best

    I Will be at CSA the first week in March and would like to know if anyone would have any pictures they would like to share of Beachfront Suites in the old section (with room #'s) that are on the second floor. I would like to get an idea of the variety of views that come with this particular room.
    Any and all would be appreciated.

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    If you're going for the second floor in these, I'd be asking for one of the buildings that's "squared up" to the beach. A couple of these buildings are set askew (oriented with the corner to the beach), and you might be disappointed with the second floor view. If you look at the SweptAway map, these will be apparent.

    As in all cases regarding room requests, be prepared for dissappointment. Logistically, requests can seldom be accommodated.

    Good luck!

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    Default Room 2230

    Robin--we stayed in room 2230, 2nd floor of building 37. Below is the view from our balcony.

    Attachment 4108

    The photo below is from room 1229 in building 35. This is a second floor unit in one of the buildings that has the one large 1st floor unit. The front desk people call this a Beachfront Atrium. It has a mini bar, but no hammock. The balcony is smaller than most. It does have a nice view and is a great unit, if you originally booked an Atrium room. If the resort is really full they said it can also be used as a Beachfront Suite.

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    See you in March!!

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    Default Beachfront suite

    Thanks Yazmon!
    We did book a beachfront suite, hopefully our view will be just a nice as the 2230 pic...
    Is there any other building/room that you would recommend in this category, since I'm assuming that you will already be booked in 2230?
    See you soon...43 more days... and since it's Wed, I think I can officially say only 6 more Fridays...

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    We were in 2130 and absolutely loved it!

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    Would you happen to have any pics to post?
    Thanks much

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    The last few trips we've been staying in an Atrium room. There are several that have an ocean view. Our favorite is 2128, 1st floor. Below is a view from our verandah.

    When we meet up at CSA (Martini Bar) I'll give you a few more details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobinH View Post
    Would you happen to have any pics to post?
    Thanks much are our pics...hth some!

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    Absolutely beautiful.. thanks for taking the time to post.
    I'm sure I will be happy with whatever we end up getting...I just want to be there now...

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    So does the Beachfront Verandah not have as nice of a view as the Beachfront Suite? We have the Verandah right now.. but I wonder if we can change it.. we are going in Oct.

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    The Verandah has a great view too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetLMF View Post
    So does the Beachfront Verandah not have as nice of a view as the Beachfront Suite? We have the Verandah right now.. but I wonder if we can change it.. we are going in Oct.
    We had a verandah with a great view. Click on my profile and I have an album in there.

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    WOW, your pictures are amazing!

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    Where did you end up staying? We're going Sept 11 - 20 and have reserved (requested) a Beachfront Suite @ CSA. Will you post some pictures, please? This is our first trip to a Couples resort. We're renewing our vows for our 10th anniversary on the 16th. I'm so excited I can't stand it!!
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    I know it's all pot luck on room assignment at to what is available at the moment you arrive, so I'm not going to ask which room number I should "reserve". I just want to ensure I don't have unrealistic expectations and understand what possible options there are. So that said, can anyone shed light on the following:

    What I am curious about is the various balcony sizes of the beachfront suites. I understand that the buildings containing 3 rooms have one large suite on the ground floor with a wrap-around balcony. What are the upper floor rooms and balconies like? Also, in the 4 room buildings, how do the size of the balconies compare to the 3 room buildings?

    Karen & Paul

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    RobinH and Karen & Paul,

    We stayed in building 41, suite 2235 during our visit to CSA this past April. It's one of the beachfront suites buildings that has 1 large suite with wrap-around balcony facing the beach downstairs, 1 large suite with wrap-around balcony facing the beach upstairs (ours) and 1 smaller suite with a balcony not facing the beach. Here' some pics from CSA that include views of the room and balcony:


    Bart & Bug

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    im really interested in seeing some of those pics too! my husband and i will be visiting csa nov 2011 and i am having a hard time deciding on a room. i had the same thoughts about the beachfront suites too. ive seen pics of the large bottom floor room but im also curious as you are about the upper rooms in the 3 room buildings as well as some pics from the 4 rooms buildings. hope someone has some to post soon, im so excited about the trip i cant stand it!

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