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    Default April 2011 -CSA

    Going for 10 days to CSA, April 16th-26th!! First time @ Couples, but have been to Jamaica many times. We are very excited to try a new resort!! Anyone going @ the same time? We are from Minnesota.

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    We will be at CSA April 7-14, 2011. It will be our third trip. You're going to love it!

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    Returning to CSA April 22-April 30.

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    we are planning on getting back to CSA in april next year, we just got back for a week on Sat...and already wanna go back!!!

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    We area from WI and this will be our 2nd visit to couples and CSA(1st time was over New Years 12/27/09-1/02/10). Likewise have been to Jamaica numerous times.

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    2011 dates soon come mon.


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    Twice in 2011? April & October, we're thinking.

    Tom & Erin 24x CSA Veterans
    Officially Janadian

    Don't worry about a thing, 'cuz every little thing is gonna be all right...
    Robert Nesta Marley

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    Hi, we are going 4/21-4/28. This will be our first time to Jamaica.
    Erin & Patrick

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    We just booked our return trip yesterday for the 21st-29th. See you on the bus mon!

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    We'll be there from the 21st to the 24th before going over to CN to give it a try. 292 wake-ups and counting!!!

    Bart & Bug

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    only 292 LOL.
    Erika & Sean

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    Well now it's 287! Gosh, that seems like an eternity!!!
    See all the Team CSA 2011 bunch then!

    Bart & Bug

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    Yes yes it does....but I won't be thinking about it until the weather gets cold....then I will count it down. Lol
    Erika & Sean

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    We're counting...but pacing ourselves. Every 100 days is a big hurdle. Once we get under 99 the countdown gets serious!! Lol

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    Returning April 16-23, our third time to CSA. Spending our 38 wedding anniversary back home. My sister & her hubby will also be there, it'll be trip number 1 for them.

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    We just booked from the 21st-28th! With our wedding being on the 26th! We are so excited. It's hopefully our first trip of many! We've heard so many wonderful things! Looking forward to it!

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    danaandjill check out the Team CSA thread that is all April CSA goers
    Erika & Sean

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